Should the US voting age should be lowered from 18 to 16?

Asked by: tigerswithwings
  • Humans reach our cognitive peak in our early twenties.

    Performance on cognitive processing speed, Peaks and begins to decline around 17-18 years of age. Many mathematical geniuses peak in their 20’s. Taylor Wilson is an American nuclear physics enthusiast, At age 14, He produced nuclear fusion, But he could not vote. As the population ages shouldn't we include more young people, Who will have to live for the longest with the outcomes and who are equipped with the cognitive abilities that are so important for making complex political decisions.

  • Let's look at the arguments against lowering

    "16 year olds don't know enough and are too dumb to vote! "
    This dismisses that there are many, Many adult voters who are just as dumb or even dumber.
    "Brains aren't fully developed at age 16! "
    Yes, They aren't until 25 actually. And the part that isn't fully developed is for fast decisions, Where you have to think quick, That's what isn't fully developed. And how does that contribute to voting, If you have enough time to actually think about the decision, Making it a regular decision where this part of the brain doesn't really influence how good one can make the decision? And, Even if it did, By that logic we should raise the age to 25.
    "They don't even pay taxes but get to already decide who gets elected? No! That's unfair! "
    You know what else is unfair? Crimes against them and they can't decide on how to combat this, The whole screwed up school system that THEY are trapped in, But they can't decide on how to change it. But once you're older you don't really care about the system anymore unless it affects you again through children, Do you? How many of you decided they wanted to help reform the school system afetr tehy haven't been in school anymore? I don't think that's many.
    And there are many other things that you can do before 18 and only after 18, Yet you can't vote. Drinking: After 18. Why should an 18 year old be able to vote if he isn't even allowed to drink? Yes, This argument doesn't make any sense, Just like the tax argument. An 18 year old can't drink alcohol so why should he get to decide how to deal with alcohol? And the legal working age is 16 too, Yet everyone ignores this. And not knowing how to pay taxes is again, Not their fault, It's the school system's fault.

    Now some pro arguments:
    The population is getting older and because of this older people get to decide the future of those 16 year olds who then have to deal with it. Example: Brexit, Most young people voted against it but because of all the older people who voted for it, The younger people will now have to deal with Brexit for a longer time than those who have voted for it in the first place.

    Oh, And one thing I forgot: School shootings. Students are the victims of it, Yet they can't decide and vote on how to combat it. You're saying "Yes let's have a lot of guns" and they're the ones paying for it. How's that fair?

  • No good reasons.

    In my opinion, They should raise it higher. How many kids know thing like how much their parents earn, How much they pay in taxes, And how much their bills are? Look, The vast majority of them have little if any idea what it takes to budget a home so how could they have any idea of a government budget? At that age, They aren't considered legally accountable for anything so who are they to judge what laws are in place? Fact is, They have little if any real experience being a responsible adult so why would you want them to determine who should be elected?
    Sadly, Kids today tend to think the world owes them everything. They expect a free college education, Free health care, And even free or subsidized housing and food. Some even want to get a paycheck whether they work or not. Thing is, Who is going to pay for all that? Raise taxes and that causes people to move their homes and companies to lower tax places leaving less money to pay the higher cost. If people don't have to work to have a living, Their is no incentive to work and more incentive to just sit home collecting a paycheck.

  • Teenage brains haven't advanced enough by 16

    From personal experience and from the point of view of asking other 17 year old kids, We did not have an understanding of the political system at all or had a very, Very basic understanding of our political system, Heck I am still learning it and am taking government this year.

  • They are too immature

    Most teens are too immature to comprehend the problems in our country. This is evident by how many teens support socialism and communism, Which is clearly bad. Bernie Sanders had a positive (more than 50%) approval rating for teens, When clearly his ideas are terrible, He doesn't even understand how the economy needs to work.

  • No this is a horrible idea.

    Why we all agree that 16 years of age is still a child because they can't make good decisions on their own. If you think 16 year olds can vote then they can drink and smoke too. Also they are much easy're to influence and manipulate cause they never check they're facts ever trust me.

  • People below the age of 20 are not psychologically prepared to vote.

    Most teens are not psychologically prepared for the ability to vote. An article on the website Teensafe talks about how the frontal lobe controls judgement, Which is not fully developed until the age of 20. This means that people of this age don't have the mental ability to think logically yet. The University of Rochester Medical Center has an entire article on how adults use different parts of the brain than teens. Adults think with the rational part of the brain (the prefrontal cortex), While teens think with the amygdala, The emotional part. This means that opinions will be more based around emotions instead of logical reasoning.
    Many kids have the opinions of their parents or their role models, They almost never have any opinions of their own. While they may believe that these opinions were their own, They quite often have these ideas formed from advertisements and other things around them. As I have observed, There are some people around me that believe that Donald Trump is comparable to Adolf Hitler himself. Some may disagree and think he's the equivalent to Jesus. The fact is that these opinions were spoonfed from their parents into their easily-moldable brains. This means that if the voting age were brought down, Teens would just vote for whoever their parents tell them to. Even if these teens were allowed by their parents to vote for whoever they choose, They aren't educated enough on the subject to truly vote based on true reasoning. Maybe a teen with feminist beliefs will vote for a female candidate just because they're female, Without knowing what their promises were or who they actually are. This could lead to a corrupt presidency very quickly.
    The candidate who would advertise the most would probably win, No matter what promises they made. Young minds are very malleable. When someone is put into a trance state, Such as while scrolling through social media or watching television, They have more open minds. This is why advertisements are used in television so often, Because when your mind is in this trance they can plant a seed of an idea in your brain. When this idea is recalled, You may think this idea was previously yours and did not come from the television.

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