Should the USA abandon national testing in schools? Or should testing be extended so that the federal government sets the same tests for every school?

Should the USA abandon national testing in schools? Or should testing be extended so that the federal government sets the same tests for every school?
  • Shout out to you

    All students should be able to graduate with just a test. No matter if the student does good or bad, no student wasted their elementary, middle school, and high school years of their life coming to school to just not be able to walk and graduate. That's my opinion nigga

  • National testing is discriminatory

    National testing, as proven so thoughtlessly and callously by the No Child Left Behind Act, has proven itself to be a discriminatory practice that judges schools on their ability to teach students and has resulted in massive budget cuts for underperforming schools. These schools are usually in lower-income areas, and instead of providing assistance to these places, it simply keeps the poor down. National testing needs to stop and education needs to be improved from the source.

  • Not As Equal As It Seems

    State testing is honestly not as equal as we think. Our state tests worry me, I'm afraid I won't do well, and I'm in honors and A.P classes. Things like reading and writing are pretty standard for all kids, but math and science tests are often unfair because they're on subjects that I've seen 3 years ago while others might've seen them only one year ago. As for science, the science tests might be on a course I never even took because I skipped it and went straight into an honors science course that didn't teach anything about it. These tests are giving many kids with many different skills, weak points and strong points, and ideas the same exact material and expecting everyone to do well. Just because the test is the same, does NOT mean it makes everyone equal and to assume so is a pretty mislead thing to do.

  • This compulsion to test has cost us a smart, adaptive and creative workforce

    Seems like there's a reason why the tech companies are really lobbying for immigration reform that can help attract talent from other companies: We are not growing talent here in our own backyard. Ken Robinson provides a compelling argument for ceasing the 'focus' on standardize testing to guide the educational approach in our country. Http://www.Ted.Com/talks/ken_robinson_how_to_escape_education_s_death_valley.Html??Utm_medium=social&source=email&utm_source=email&utm_campaign=ios-share

  • Tests should be standardized, so that every child in the country will receive an equal education.

    Some states are sorely lacking in educational goals. The federal government should standardize tests and at least offer states a choice of whether these tests would be valuable to them or not. It is very important that all of our children get a good education, and this is one way to help.

    Posted by: PriceyWaylon79
  • I oppose the emphasis on testing in schools, as individual needs are not being met, while school districts strive only to raise test scores.

    I believe that NCLB has placed an extraordinary focus on testing at the expense of giving children a comprehensive and well-rounded education that instills a love of learning and an ability to problem solve. School districts are abandoning enriching curriculum that isn't a part of the tests, depriving children of rich learning experiences. The youngest students are now facing tests, continuing until they graduate. This is not preparing students for a productive future. It is just making them good test-takers.

    Posted by: 54IInferno
  • National testing should be abandoned, because it is biased and racially motivated.

    National testing should be used to make comparisons to different schools in different regions. What is has done is decrease funding in some school districts across the nation. Minority schools have suffered tremendously in recent years. National testing has caused school districts in lower achieving areas to get less funding from the government.

    Posted by: EmanBoa
  • The federal government should create standardized tests that would require a student in New York to have the same core knowledge as a student in California.

    Nationally standardized tests would create a core knowledge. This would help to assure that all students entering college or business have a known 'starting' point. Individual states should be allowed to expand on this core requirement, but not circumvent it.

    Posted by: TickoAbbey
  • The USA should abandon national testing in schools.

    It has been shown time and time again in studies that national testing in schools isn't an accurate representation of student intelligence or intellectual ability. It is an expensive, time-consuming, unfair practice in which minority students routinely do worse than white majority students; and, it puts too much pressure on kids, which distracts from the real purpose of school - actually learning.

    Posted by: R0g3rJo
  • I agree that national testing in schools is not a viable indicator of academic standing for the school district, because it limits what the students are taught in class.

    The standardized testing at all levels of United States schools has been around for years, and it has come to the point where it is useless. Teachers are so focused on preparing for standardized tests and only teaching material on the test, that many students do not learn other subjects not on the test. The test also assumes all children or teenagers are showing their aptitude, when in actuality, some may just be poor test-takers. They may receive poor scores, yet be excellent and intellectual students. It's not fair to base a school's academic standing on standardized testing.

    Posted by: M0r3Interior
  • Because it equalizes everyone

    It makes everyone equal. Everyone in my opinion must be on an even playing field and by giving these tests to everyone in the country everyone will be tested the same and that way you can see where everyone is and schools can also see where they need to improve.

  • Testing is how teachers get a sense of where you're at

    If we abandoned national testing, we wouldn't be able to get a good sense of what kids aren't understanding. For example, let's say a national test goes out and 75% of kids get question 2 wrong, this tell us that more time needs to be spent reviewing the fundamental ideas behind question two. Testing is valuable, National Testing is very valuable, testing should stay.

  • National testing is a valuable part of evaluating how well students are doing at a particular school.

    National testing is a valuable part of the learning process. With standardized tests, it makes it easy for the student body of any school to be graded against the national average. On top of that, it's only a couple of days per school year. Is it really that big of a deal? Besides, for most children, it's just another test. Not to mention, these tests have been a tradition for many years. Why fix what isn't broken?

    Posted by: DullBenito
  • Abandoning USA national testing would put students on an uneven playing field.

    Regardless of cultural differences, standardized testing provide an accurate depiction of the students' intelligence and comprehension of certain subjects. By giving tests to large amounts of students, based on their specific needs, it would ensure everyone has the same rules to follow.

    Posted by: NondescriptKevin
  • National testing should stay in place because, if there are no federal standards, then Washington has no influence over education.

    Education is something that is best done at state, local and even neighborhood levels, so that it can largely be customized to accommodate the particular students and their needs. However, national testing and standards do need to be in place, so that all students, by graduation, can be on an even playing field across the nation. Otherwise, if it were all completely localized, the President and Congress would have little to no influence over education in our country. Also, some regions would suffer more than others, and our Union would become more unequal.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • National testing in schools should be continued.

    The USA should continue its testing of the schools in the nation. However, the government should not mandate that the exact same tests be given in each school. Each part of our country is different in that each section has a different lingo system. A word that means one thing to a student in the North could have an entirely different meaning for a student in the South or Midwest. To make the tests the same for each school in our nation would create problems in that good students might not get passing grades because they would not understand some of the word meanings - as they use them.

    Posted by: ep0xihusky
  • I oppose the USA abandoning national testing in schools; it's a way for school boards to determine statistics.

    I oppose the USA abandoning national testing in schools. National testing is something that has been in place for a while now. I feel as if it is required in order to determine where students in different school districts rank, so that the schools can see what areas they need to focus on a little more.

    Posted by: R4PUIric
  • I support a national testing policy, so that every child will be on even ground.

    I believe that some states have lower standards than others, and they should have to meet the same standards as other schools.

    Posted by: TickoMain

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