Should the USA adopt more laws that solely benefit immigrants who are also English language learners, not those who refuse to learn English?

  • Yes, the USA should adopt laws that benefit those who try to learn English.

    I definitely think that the United States of America should adopt laws that solely benefit immigrants that are learning English and not those that refuse to learn it. I think that such a policy would help to encourage more people to learn English. But if it becomes the law, then it doesn't matter.

  • That is just an nationalism and covert prejudice

    Make up your mind. Carlson believes immigrants can't "assimilate" and "learn" English. Then others want to just punish those who "refuse" to learn English. I thought they could not but now your are saying they refuse to.
    No the problem is that there are a lot of nationalist that hate immigrants and want to find any way to isolate them them and punish them. One way they pick on people is in language. The average white American can't even learn a second language. They want to force other people to learn a second language when they don't even want to.
    I can speak in 3 languages and I know many immigrants that want to learn English and they work hard tring to. Learning a second language is hard and so many nationalists are too weak minded even to learn a second language themselves, Yet they want to harm immigrants every chance they get.

  • Immigration Laws Should be Enforced Regardless of Language

    It doesn't matter whether illegal immigrants choose to learn English or not. What matters is that illegal immigrants are in the United States to begin with and they should be dealt with according to American law. The problem isn't our immigration policy. The difficulty is that there are too many illegals in the United States and not enough resources to combat this threat to our security.

  • We should be neutral.

    No, the USA should not adopt more laws that solely benefit immigrants who are also English language learners, rather than those who refuse to learn English, because the statistics show that it is very hard for the first generation to assimilate. By the second generation, the children learn English and they do very well.

  • USA Does Not Have a National Language

    There is no need to institute language and literacy requirements for entrance to the United States for immigrants. First of all, many immigrants have come over here not knowing English, and turned out to be productive members of society. Secondly, such a rule would go against our tradition of not having an official language, which would stifle local freedom, such as in ethnic neighborhoods of cities.

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