• I don't know

    I guess yes but I think Islam is a bad religion no offense to Islamic people out there but there are some peaceful Muslims and there are bad Muslims we can't have faith in every Muslim that enters the USA we need to stop things like terrorism or 9/11 from happening or like the Paris attacks

  • Out of all religions theirs is the one with the most terrorists

    It seems every week now your hearing about some kind of Muslim attack or something The U.S. Had two Muslim adults kill like 10 people at a Christmas party (whom I wonder why it happened to be at a Christmas party?) and France got attacked by some who would shoot people then blow them selves up like suicide bombers

  • Islam is a peaceful religion actually. (Thank you everyone for your kind words)

    It is the people and groups like ISIS who are interpreting it wrongly and understanding verses out of context. God commands us to be merciful to mankind if we want Mercy from God and that's an incentive for me as a Muslim to be merciful and loving to all mankind.

  • We need to be fully aware of not just the people who surround us, But the religion of the people who live near us.

    Although there are Muslims who are good, (I have a friend who's Muslim) and Muslims who are bad, We still need to realize that getting rid of them is more important for our safety, Than just randomly blurting out "Muslims aren't terrorists! We are all equal! Let them stay in our country! " I agree, Not all Muslims are terrorists, But still, As American citizens, If we want to feel safe and comfortable in our country, We'll have to get rid of the whole problem, And then, After a while, Bring back the good Muslims. We can't have faith in all of them. It's just like eating a cake. You buy a cake and take it home. You put it into the fridge the right way. A while later, The cake is ruined. If you'll go to the same store, Will you buy that type of cake anymore? The answer is, No. You won't. In other words, Not only would you get rid of that specific cake that you bought, But you would also get rid of buying all of the cakes that are that type. Same with Muslims, Whatsoever. So, Please, Ppl. If you want to be comfortable in the USA, And not let any terrorist attacks like 9/11 happen, Ever again, This is the only way to avoid them from your life.

  • Islam is from Hell it is not a peaceful religion I have read their book what a joke.

    They are trying to changing our world view with their stupid extremists cult. They rape and marry children. They lie just like their stupid book says to, mohammad was a child rapist and had women sex slaves. They mistreat animals and people they are the most disgusting people on earth. They should be banned and they need to take their brother obama with them he is a peace of trash muslim too.

  • Of course not

    I could assure you that Islam is the most peaceful religion you will find today. Terrorist groups like ISIS do not fall under Islam. They are probably a group of gold digging, blood thirsted men who are paid off by god knows who to try and portray this awful image of what is somehow "Islam" by an Islamophobic nation or an Islamophobic character that wants to erase Muslims once and for all. A belief does not simply define someone, nor does a terrorist group. Besides no one can ban Muslims because how would they know they are Muslim? It is against the law to state a belief in someone's ID or Passport.

  • Muslims aren't all bad.

    Just because a group of people like ISIS are evil-minded doesn't mean all muslims are. There are some good muslims out there that are just like normal people and cause no harm. What is their fault? Is it the fact that their Muslim? You can't blame a religion for a group of terrorists. How come Jews aren't blaming Christians for what the Nazis did? Jews didn't end up hating on Christians did they? So people have no right to go against Islam because of ISIS.

  • It would be unconstitutional

    This has happened before, in two cases. The Chinese Exclusion act and the Japanese Internment camps have caused much racial hatred and drove America into many useless court cases. Though their is a constitutional right to freedom of religion, we also have to be human. This would effect the children of tomorrow and today, and create much hate that will effect America forever. We have created many stains on American history. Do we want to create another?

  • It's not only about Muslims

    Today we can ban Muslims, then tomorrow we can ban Chinese, the day after tomorrow we can ban France. It's not only about the Muslims. I think it is a bad start. America is a free country and everyone is equal. The government can use some other methods to stop the terrorists.

  • It would be ironically stupid!

    If we are trying to stop extremists, than being ones won't help. We need to stop terrorism, but Trump is being extreme by calling for this action to ban all of them. Technically, he is being an extremist! It also is highly ineffective for stopping terrorists, and it is extremely unconstitutional for the U.S.A.

  • No, banning all muslims is a ridiculous and outright radical idea.

    Theoretically speaking, if the US were to ban all muslims, were would they all go? There are currently 5-8 million muslim people in the US. It would be impossible to deport millions and millions muslim people, it would most likely not be implemented successfully.

    Next point, America is supposed to be a "brewing pot", a place of diversity and freedom. People always forget this. People come here for more opportunity despite their religion or skin color. Banning muslims would go against the 1st amendment and everything our founding fathers had hoped for. While I am non-religious and despise the islam ideologies, I would not be in favor of a muslim ban. People should be able to believe in whatever they please, as long as they do it peacefully and do not try to implement their beliefs into the laws, and try to force people to follow their religion.

    Next point. If America were to ban all muslims, let's be honest, this would piss moderate muslims off. If they aren't harming society in any way shape or form, and they get BANNED from the US, how would you think that would make them feel? What are they supposed to do, it's not like they can go to the middle east. Think about it.

    As for muslim immigration, there needs to be a vigorous, strict vetting process. It's just human nature for people to be cautious or even afraid of muslims after all the attacks various Jihadist groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda have been doing. But we must remember that peaceful moderate muslims do exist, and not let our fear and confusion turn into hatred.

  • What. The. Fuuuuuuu


  • No no no

    Lots of Muslims are fighting against ISIS with us! Would we ban our allies from Turkey and other places from coming here? What about Muslims like Malala Yousefzi, who risk their lives to fight against Islamic extremists? Should we ban Malala from coming here? What about thw millions of moderate peaceful Muslims? No we can't ban them all.

  • Hell no bitch!

    KKK was part of the christian religion, however I am a christian and I accept black culture. The belief system of the KKK nowhere near embodies that values that I hold true to my constitution. The exact same argument can be used for the muslim culture, our two dimensional view of the Middle Eastern culture only allows for people so far away from the situation to view people as terrorists, or non terrorists. In that view it is a 50/50 chance whether a male wearing a headdress is a terrorist or not. Clearly people that believe the muslim culture should not be a culture that is allowed in the US thinks this way, and has no world view whatsoever.

  • No, it would be unconstitutional, and it wouldn't even work

    First of all, it would violate the 1st Amendment, which guarantees freedom of religion. Secondly, even if it were constitutional, it would be impossible to implement successfully. How would the government even be able to tell who was a Muslim and who wasn't? Anyone immigrant could easily lier about their religion.

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KrazyKone says2016-05-01T14:45:54.190
Trump is wrong! If the US kick muslims out, then terrorists groups like Al-Qaeda will get new members.