Should the USA be split into multiple different countries?

Asked by: Cowboy0108
  • It would be better socially and politically!

    Socially: Different regions of America have different views regarding different issues. If the nation is split, one person's views would not be pushed onto another. In addition, the nation is already basically split anyway. Look at society in the Bible Belt and in New England. Different denominations of Christianity, different political preferences, etc..
    Politically: The countries could be so much more effecient. You could look at the election map and see how split the country is. You can also see that different regions are different colors. If the nation was split, all the states would be the same color so passing a budget would be easier. Let us also look at healthcare. The southern states generally do not want it and the northern do. Why should the south be forced into adopting something that the high population northern states want.

  • Corporate states of America

    Those states that have progressive values such as universal health care, fairness in the workplace, common sense gun laws should join together to form a more "perfect union". The corporation would NOT be deemed a person, elections would be publically financed and there would be a national bank run by the people. Organic agriculture an wind and solar would be promoted and yes, raw milk would be allowed. It's only the corporate wealth elites that keep us fighting among ourselves.

  • The Divided states of America

    First of all "America" is the name of the continent, not the country. Now on to the topic.

    Yes, the nation needs to be divided. Have Canada split as well and have some now-former states and provinces merge to create new nations. The cultural clash is self-evident that though the states are united, the people aren't and progress isn't coming soon.

  • Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia should become Cascadia.

    The US not only has wild political polarization between different regions of the country, but also cultural and ecological differences that are more extreme than between adjoining countries in Europe and Asia.

    That polarization has caused our country's federal government to become less and less effective, damaging local economies, and degrading quality of life.

    California Republic
    Texas Republic
    Vermont Republic
    The Front Range
    The Midwest
    New England
    The Plains Nation

  • It is broken!

    The American experiment is failing. When we all shared generally the same overall sense of right and wrong, and generally shared a belief in the same Judeo-Christian God, and even shared a generally similar dress code, it worked. I would say that the Internet has been the primary factor in stripping away the glue that once bound us together, leading to extremes of individualism, and therefore less unity of vision and purpose. Now our idea of a great achievement is the creation of a new gadget to fill our lives with ever more monkey chatter, instead of going to the moon, or building things like the Hoover Dam. There is no unifying ideal or goal, and so we are turning on each other, dividing into tribes that fiercely hate one another. I will admit, I really hate the extreme Right Wing, AND the extreme Left Wing, as I think they are a bunch of a-holes, both trying to impose their insane ideas on the rest of us, who generally stand in the middle. In truth, as a member of the American Solidarity Party, there really would be no country that represents our views, should the nation split--it would just be loonies on the left and loonies on the right running the divided union. BUT, I think that ultimately it must happen, because the current government is dysfunctional and with such hatred and polarization it can't keep going. The country is rotting from deadlock and in moral free fall. The only concern I have, is that we would be ripe for invasion from foreign powers. Did you ever think, that all these conspiracy theories, which fuel the Tea Party, are being generated by China and Russia (or at least egged on), to divide us?

  • USA will go down in history as one of the shortest existing societies ever.

    We are all angry with each other because this is what those in power want to happen. Period. The vision is clear. Crash this society to remake into a communistic state. Think I'm crazy? Do some research. This is not a party line plan either. All for one, one for all in Washington.

  • Too Vast of a Nation

    At one time the multitudes of apposing views within the United States of
    America was necessary to maintain political and socio-economic stability. Over time as our population grew and opinions became more vast the overall productivity of congress fell. The 113th congress passed 86 bills from commencing in 2013 to today (June 23, 2014) making it the least productive congress in modern American history (i.E.: 1947-present). In comparison the second least productive congress (112th congress) passed 136 bills in that same time frame. In comparison the most bills passed by a single congress was the 84th congress passing over 1000 bills. Also from 1947- 1994 congress never passed fewer than 500 bills and only passed fewer than 600 bills on five occasions. From 1994- 2014 passing more than 500 bills once and more than 400 bills only four time. This showing a steady decline in bipartisanship and less political agreement between regions of the U.S. . We can no longer work functionally as one nation and should split into multiple nations with looser to no ties with each other.

  • NO way the government can stay in tact and be efficient.

    The government is really just a bunch of crazy rich people making laws for other rich people and I don't belive the country will stay in tact long enough so that the inevitable is that there will be multiple countries like the New England area could be a state by itself.

  • Yes, the USA should be split up.

    The USA is very big and very uncontrollable, so splitting it up with more leaders to lead them properly could benefit fit the US and the world. Maybe not necessarily all 50 states need to split up, but something to split up the United States so it could be beneficial, and America could be great.

  • Peaceful split or bloody guerrilla civil war.

    We are already split on basic beliefs, Each side becoming more strident. We now have politicians openly calling for harrassment, Denial of civil freedoms or death to those. Who disagree. Some politicians are calling our current constitution misguided or outright wrong. In the past year we have seen violence against a number of people solely due to political opinion. If we do not find a way to amicably split the violence will escalate quickly to a very bloody civil war. We can split now and save many many lives. Let states choose, Counties contiguous to a different state that makes opposite choice can move into the other state. Set a date in the future and give people the choice to move. Government debt per capita split by population. Likewise with military assets. We can do this peacefully or it will be done with many lives sacrificed. I think the split is inevitable, Lets chose the peaceful route.

  • We should become communist.

    Russia was communist and even bigger than us, but they stayed together. We should learn from Russia's example and end the oppressiveness of capitalism! Communism is the answer, not splitting up the country. Also, if America became communist, life would be much better too. Instead of capitalist pigs, communism cares about everyone equally.

  • Ripe for invasion

    With America divided, the military will be divided too. Divide and conquer. While one of the new contries is being invaded, another country wouldn't be helping at all. Let be get more in depth on the divide and conquer idea. Basically, as one country is getting invaded, another countries military isn't helping. Wasted firepower. Then, the invading power invades another country while another military is sipping tea. Wasted Firepower. Before we know it, we might be all speaking Chinese.

  • Power to the People

    If we expand state power, the short term may be great. Expanded state-level power seems in principle ideal because each state could be more democratic and fair to their own constituents. However, over time this will cause the evolution and divergence in the characteristics of each state which will inevitably cause another Civil War. I am terrified that a break-up, or atomization of the states would cause conflict and war between the states economically, politically, and even militarily. I believe that the US is strong for its diversity and we should all throw in together rather than be selfish.

  • In the Long Run, We Shall Be Better if We Stick Together

    I'll try to keep this concise: we need each other. The states of this country might have their differences and not always get along, but we are able to work through so many problems due to a certain creativity that is fomented when our different opinions mix together. We would waste so much time trying to make politics with one another if we were separate countries instead of focusing on more important issues such as space exploration.

  • The USA by its own term suggests such an effect is invalid.

    The act of "splitting" the states into multiple countries is to ignore the very concept of its invention and existence in the first place. The concept of a state is the act of coherency whilst allowing for a difference of views with in each. Other wise the idea becomes useless in the first place. In other words, each state (IS) effectively a country already. By the definitions and regulatory statements with in the U.S. Constitution, it clearly defines each state as being separate and having its own laws, taxes, regulations, etc.The only over ruling laws are those which define the inalienable rights of the individual, regardless of which state he or she may reside.There is much more to this argument but that should suffice for this round.

  • The people are in the middle, not the far extremes

    To split a nation based on the extremist minority on either side of each argument is irresponsible and not representative of the majority in this country. Only extremism is at risk in an equal society where all people have equal human rights, and as far as I know there is no culture or belief system where being dominant is a key aspect of identity. Christians won't cease to exist if the family next door is another religion and that family has the equal right to worship. Men won't be enslaved if women make equal pay. The white race won't disappear by going to school with black children. All these beautiful differences, cultures, religions can, indeed, coexist on equal terms without needing to "rule" over the families next door, or splitting into different countries. Only the extremists of each seem to believe they need their own country to preserve their identity and way of life.


    Many of you believe that having state or regional governments would be the best solution to the current polarization of the US. I do understand your point, but we are too interconnected to separate. We had many issues with the precursor to the Constitution, the Articles of Confederation, that did a lot of the things you want. It gave states power over almost everything, such as taxes, raising their own militia, etc. And that did not work.

    You see, because the states are so connected, states that needed money would place taxes on interstate commerce. For example, I live in NJ on the border of NY. That would mean if I wanted to sell product in NY, I would pay an out-of-state free. Driving there would cost even more than it already does.

    I have begun to question if dividing into two general areas, such as the East/West coasts vs. The South and Midwest (though that's an obvious problem since Cali and NY will have no connection without flying over the south) is actually a solution. But through so many years of being a nation, we've encountered many different issues that we've tackled together. This is clearly biased being a Northeasterner, but we've had to drag the South by its heels many times to stop slavery, end segregation, allow gays to have sex without risking sodomy charges, etc. Just as the south has stopped us from being downright wasteful with money and keeping us centered. I think that's what makes us unique compared to countries in Europe. Yeah, we're really different, but we're UNITED, hence our name. I'm not the same as a Texan, but I recognize him as an American like me.

  • No, unity is better.

    Despite the fact that the United States is home to many different viewpoints, cultures, foods, and so on, the unity that has been created is still worth it. There would be chaos if the states were to divide into various nations, and along with that would come violence and war.

  • Here is why this is a ridiculous proposition:

    It is not the country that we need to split up. It is the family owned mega corporations that pay our government and media, To keep us confused and divided, That we need to split up.
    If anything should happen, Franchises should be restricted to there regions. Patents as well.
    I know this sounds outlandish, But it is only one of the many adjustments I have studied, That we can make in this country, That would strengthen the middle class, And also bring back a much needed and accepted diversity.

  • No region is uniform

    Let's not forget that no region, state, city, or even neighborhood is uniform. What do those who find themselves on the wrong side of the border do? Sell their homes/possessions and slip across the border with their families in the dead of night? And, then what happens when the inevitable conflicts arise? Breaking up will cause more problems than it will solve.

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Bullish says2013-05-06T20:55:21.920
If America splits up, it will lose it's superpowers ultra-world-bully status, like the USSR did when it broke up. Now those blindly nationalistic Eastern Europeans are just constantly bullied by everyone them.

The EU is economically united, but not politically. So they aren't considered a superpower.

The U.S. Already operated as separate states at the beginning of it's founding. (There was another more free constitution before the Constitution). It didn't work.

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