Should the USA become completely militaristic also involving schools

Asked by: ClaymoreC4
  • Yes it would help

    I say yes because the kids can defend themselves against bullies, mass shooters ...Etc and when we have too fight the already know how after high school and all they have to do is go or get picked by the branch that wants them they would learn military tactics receive military boot camp training in middle school and go to a branch high school collage is for R& D . No racial tensions no crime it would be better

  • We should have mandatory military service

    People take this country for granted. When most people served in the military, they understood what this country truly stood for, and didn't take it for granted because they had worked to earn their right to live here.

    I was in the Marines and there were a bunch of guys who got their citizenships in Iraq. Those guys were way more American than a lot of lazy ppl back stateside who were just lucky enough to get born in a particular land mass, and who don't contribute much... Most people are totally apathetic and don't think about world issues let alone try to do anything. Mandatory service would get more people caring.

    Another thing is that we have military families now... Disproportionately a smaller and smaller fraction of our ppl has ever served in the military... Over time this is creating an elite warrior class of people that have very different opinions from the rest of the public. I am part of one of these families but I really don't think its good for society in general - every family should have warriors in it, not just a few!

    Germany does it. If someone is really opposed to war, or physically unable to do it, they can do other work, like at senior homes or doing environmental cleanup.

    Not to mention how much discipline and general character military service builds - the vast majority of people come out a hell of a lot better than they went in... Id say it improves people more drastically than even college.

  • Thats a bad idea

    Making the US more militaristic is a really bad idea. We all know what militarism leads due to do the examples of WW1. If the US allows militarism into all parts of the society that would bad for the entire world. Think about it. You have a country that can literally destroy the world ten times over, and you want them to potentially settle everything the military way?

  • But the psychology!

    (I'm going to stick to discussing schools right now.)

    Now, there would be better school security if soldiers were walking around schools all day. I should know, I'm the butt of everyone's jokes every day. But what is that going to do as a whole? People will be nice out of fear, rather than wanting to be nice. And living under constant fear wouldn't be good for the children's mental health. Also, wouldn't it be a lot easier to get your hands on guns, if schools had soldiers?

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