Should the USA create provinces and shift federal powers to them?

  • Yes, would ease congressional gridlock

    There is strengths of our ideological diversity in this country, but there are more weaknesses. The current political parties have our nation divided almost 50:50 Red:Blue. I think it is time we gave federal powers and authority to provinces which would resolve a number of distracting issues like gun control, abortion, gay rights, religion in schools, etc. Some powers would be reserved for the federal government such as defense, international trade law, etc, but much of social issues shifted to provinces. If the Southeast wishes to ban gay marriage and abortion they could do so, if the Northeast wishes to ban assault rifles and the teaching of christian creationism in schools they could do so. If California wishes to have simpler immigration laws than Texas they should be allowed to do so. Income tax law can vary among the provinces, subsidies for various industries can reflect taxes collected there and not elsewhere in the nation. Not a perfect solution, but has to be better than the Congressional gridlock and inaction we have now

  • We do not need more government.

    I agree that we need to shift power away from the federal government but we already have a plan in place. We already have provinces..... They are called states. All we have to do it to go by the Tenth Amendment which was intended to give those states the right to set their own rules, within a few protected rights for individuals and for national defense from the federal government.

    There is no need for states within provinces. Then we would have not the now two layers of government of federal/state to three as federal/province/state. Just go back to the way it was intended and that is for states to run themselves and the federal government to provide defense and settle differences between the states and constitutional issues by the federal courts as set out in Article III of the US Constitution.

  • I have a better idea; Separate Domain-based Congresses

    Instead of one Congress that gets to vote on everything we should split Congress into separate Congresses like a Foreign Policy Congress, an Economy Congress, and more including a Miscellaneous Congress that covers anything that Congress has a right to vote on that isn't covered in the other Congresses.
    Then voters can even have more choice if they side with Democrats on some issues and Republicans on others. And more would get done because each Congress would have a more narrow focus.

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Bullish says2013-08-04T17:50:18.887
No offense, but questions like this show a clear lack of understanding of how world politics work.