Should the USA eliminate the Confederate flag?

Asked by: DawsonBruno
  • Yes we should.

    The flag sometimes is considered racist to black people due to the south wanting slavery. The us is against slavery so why do we "display" it like a flag? The war is over its time for people to just admit that the north won. Also it may be a free country but why do you want people feeling hurt? Sure, your family may have been part of the south army but is there a reason to display the flag? Do you need the flag? No. It offends some people. The USA is already very racist some people are still racist. This will help if we get rid of the flag.

  • No, they should not!

    The should not be able to step in on your rights. Freedom of speech and expression are huge, and they should be able to take that away from anyone. Even in school. Everywhere, symbol like this should be perfectly legal. You should be able to walk around with a Nazi sign or anything you want because this is a "free" country.

  • No, let them

    If people want fly a flag of losers from another age, let them. I see them in the South and just shake my head. Either way I would never infringe on peoples ability to express themselves in that manner, especially on their own property. I don't like the flag but it is part of US history.

  • No, don't ban the flag

    I do support a person's right to wave whatever flag they wish so long as they support the U.S. when the time calls upon them. However, I'm also supporting a person's right to burn that flag, for it should still be held protected under that freedom of expression. So long as it's their own flag. Own as in made or paid for.

  • No! That is unconstitutional!

    This is an unconstitutional idea because people have their right to show what they believe. Of course, things may not be that way, but it is still their right to express their thought. I don't know why they made the Nazi sign illegal, because that is just unfair. America is supposedly a free country, letting everybody say and think what they want. Obviously, it may be wrong, but, the Constitution states in its first Amendment, "...Abridging the freedom of speech..." That therefore states that we are allowed to wave a Confederate flag if wanted.

  • Freedom of Expression

    We can't limit freedom of expression. First of all, it's a right. Second, if we do decide that there are limits on expression, how/where do we draw the line? What if someone displays an American flag and a Native American finds it offensive? Should the American flag be banned as well?

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