Should the USA help Obama with Syria after his personal policies in the Middle East caused the current chaos?

Asked by: CyberTechie
  • Haha, CyberTechie, I love your loaded question!

    But it is a fallacy. I for one do not believe in mass American intervention, but you have to be a fool to think that some of your judgement is at a fault when you seem to be much more concerned with other things about the President. Just look in your argument! HAHA. Anyways, the USA made the UN. We should accord to international law and norms! We cannot just allow another holocaust to happen just because we're egotistically too self involved. We are a GLOBE. Stop being so selfish.

  • America our country

    We are one country if they send bombs over to blow us up we all explode. Not any specific color or creed. He needs cover because he might have to attack Iran once the missiles start to fly. He need not look like he is in this alone. With the full backing of the America Government he can justified extending the conflict to to real target Iran. And if Russia get in it . Things could get ugly real fast. Putin is looking for a fight with America real bad so we have to be ready.

  • NO! Absolutely Not!!!

    He should be impeached for his competence, abusive executive orders, and total failure as a President to this country. Since he took office, Gas prices have maintained soaring prices, higher taxes and health insurance rates have slammed the country! He added three trillion on top of the national debt and looking to raise it another four trillion. He pull our military out of the middle east causing it to go into chaos, putting us at the brink of another major long term war! It was Obama's fault for the middle east crisis. We should not support him anymore! He should be relieved of his duties immediately. The only reason he is seeking Congress's approval is so he can blame Congress for his incompetent actions that are embarrassing our country. The United States should stay united without Obama's direction. He has done nothing Presidential to help American Citizen's or our Allies. He has had plenty of time and has only failed over n over and it doesn't seem like he is ever going to recover enough to make up for the damages he caused.

  • Here's some overlooked headlines..

    Meeting Assad, Pelosi calls visit to Syria the 'road to peace' (April 5, 2007) - http://www.Boston.Com/news/world/articles/2007/04/05/meeting_assad_pelosi_calls_visit_to_syria_the_road_to_peace/

    Hillary Clinton’s uncredible statement on Syria - http://www.Washingtonpost.Com/blogs/fact-checker/post/hillary-clintons-uncredible-statement-on-syria/2011/04/01/AFWPEYaC_blog.Html

    Kerry's cosy dinner with Syria's 'Hitler': Secretary of State and the man he likened to German dictator are pictured dining with their wives at Damascus restaurant before civil war broke out - http://www.Dailymail.Co.Uk/news/article-2408805/Kerrys-cosy-dinner-Syrias-Hitler-Secretary-State-man-likened-German-dictator-pictured-dining-wives-Damascus-restaurant-civil-war-broke-out.Html

    Mitchell Cites Syria’s Role in Mideast Peace Effort - http://www.Nytimes.Com/2009/06/14/world/middleeast/14mitchell.Html?_r=0

    Perhaps these articles can drive home the point...Kerry, Hillary, and Obama's special envoy were not to long ago calling him a reformer and a vital to Middle East peace and now they're calling for the United States to go to war with no national security interest and place our air force in the service of Al-Qaeda.

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