Should the USA launch a strike against Syria? I say no.

Asked by: SitaraPorDios
  • Lets not leave them to grow and keep killing.

    I think we the USA should be knocking at the every move of isis terrorists. I believe we should definetly decimate these bastards.
    I want Americans to not fear terrorism/terrorists but I do want them to ignore them and or destroy all of these dirty pigs in Syria s hellhole.!!!!!!

  • No, we are overextended militarily.

    No, the USA should not launch a strike against Syria, because the United States has too many military commitments already. The United States already has large commitments in Afghanistan, Iraq, and South Korea. The United States has military bases all over the world. It would be nice to intervene in Syria, but the United States has too many commitments and cannot afford to be everywhere.

  • No more war

    In the past decade, the US has launched, or participated in, many wars in the Middle East. Has it succeeded in making it a better place? No. In fact, Iraq is a worse place than it was before the US invasion in 2003. And the anti-US sentiment in Afghanistan is far worse than it has ever been, especially after the US started conducting drone attacks that resulted in civilian casualties.

    Launching another war in the Middle East will not solve anything. It will only result in more conflicts, and it will hurt US interests in and out of the region.

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