Should the USA pass more Global Warming laws?,

Asked by: Tajbonvie
  • It's only going to get worse

    97% of scientists who have devoted their lives to studying climate agree that global warming exists and is something to be concerned about. Last year, 10,885 peer-reviewed scientific articles were written about climate change. 2 reject man-made global warming. If people much smarter than me very nearly unanimously agree that something is a problem, I'll probably agree with them on that. So of course we should pass more global warming laws.

  • There are other pollutants besides CO2.

    CO2 is not the only gas out there, fossil fuels account for only 65% of our total emissions, there are other forms of pollution such as pesticides, and we are one of the highest emitters despite only accounting for 4% of the world. The UN estimates that agriculture accounts for 51% percent of total EMISSIONS alone. Not including the pesticides and deforestation. While we may not be the most agricultural country, much of the agriculture in the world is used to feed our morbidly obese country. There is also the fact that deforestation from farm use results in lack of biodiversity, which, in turn, leads to species extinction that will spread all across the world, as all ecosystems are connected. Once you take into account EVERY singles way we pollute, or the amount of pollution from other countries that happens because they are trying to give us resources, we account for too large a percentage of the pollution in the world, being so small a part of it. Even if we do not account for a majority of the pollution in the world, isn't not putting laws into place to really make a difference in the amount of pollution and waste we create basically like a little kid saying, "Well, she started it," or "I only slapped him and he punched me, so he should get in trouble." Come one, are we not the great America? What happened? We are supposed to set the example, not follow other countries. Isn't America supposed to make life fair for all, because the amount of labor others do in other countries to support us and create merchandise for us that will end up in the trash soon after is not right. There are so many was that we can reduce our pollution to almost nothing if people are willing to make REAL changes to their lives. For instance, it takes roughly 410, 400, gallons to raise a cow. The meat from which we often don't finish or throw away and the milk from which we do the same. The US is an extremely wasteful country. Not only that, but if we switched to renewable sources of energy, TONS of jobs would be created. If not, should the fact that our economy might falter really prevent us from taking care of this Earth, the only life-supporting planet that we know of? What use is a good economy if our grandchildren live in a world void of many of the natural wonders and animals that we have today? To top it off, the sea level has already risen dramatically in the last decade, which means far less land for far more people. At this rate of debt, inflation, and lack of respect for other countries, the US and it's economy will fall just as all great empires have fallen anyways. Global warming is natural, but it's going too fast. We might be able to slow it down enough to find another planet to live on.

  • We need to do our part

    Global Warming (or Global Climate Instability) exists. Theres more than enough evidence to prove it. Yes climate change has been happening since Earth had an atmosphere but the rate of change has increased dramatically since the burning of fossil fuels became so widespread. Even if you don't believe in global warming, the steps needed to fix global warming are the same steps our country needs to take anyway to become a stronger more stable nation. To rid ourselves of dependence on foreign oil, and maybe oil all together. You cannot deny that we are going to run out of fossil fuels relatively soon. So believe in global warming or not we need to take the necessary steps either way

  • Global Warming is GLOBAL!

    The USA is in the bottom 20 for producing carbon gas. Just because Miami is about to be flooded doesn't mean it is OUR fault. It is mostly China and India opening a new coal plant every week. Since 1996 the USA has decreased it Carbon gas output by over 50% but the worldwide it has increased over 10%. Passing more of those laws would destroy the US economy.

  • Global warming isn't something we can have a lasting impact on

    Climate change is something that has been happening for billions of years since the earths creation. The earth is constantly fluctuating its temperature over thousands of years. The only difference since then is that humans have gotten smarter and the environmentalists only look at what they see, instead of the facts, so now they want to pass new laws to stop something we have little power over. The earth and other species don't care about us, why should we care about them.

  • Global warming is going to happen regardless.

    I think George Carlin said it best. The world has been here 4 1/2 billion years. We've been here one hundred thousand, maybe two hundred thousand. And we've only been engaged in heavy industry for 200 years. 200 years vs 4 1/2 billion. And we have the conceit to think that somehow we're a threat. That we're going to put in danger this little blue green ball that's just floating around the sun. The planet has been through much worse than us folks.

  • Global warming is sensationalized

    Global warming has been sensationalized by scientists and the media. From a purely economic point of view, the economic effect of trying to restrict our CO2 emissions would be far greater than the effect global warming has on our economy. Global warming has become a scapegoat for socialists to push their views. Restricting CO2 emissions is not economically viable.

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