Should the USA re-write the constitution for a modern world? (Excluding the Bill of Rights)

Asked by: Godridden95
  • It already has

    And will likely continue to do so. Since the writing of The Constitution and The Bill of Rights, the U.S. has continued to make changes to it in the form of other amendments. One such amendment, the 15 (prohibition) was later repealed by the 21st amendment. Since it The Constitution, 27 amendments have been added, the latest in 1992. It is clear that as time have changed, so has The Constitution and it will likely continue to change more in the future.

  • In a changing world, we need changing rules...

    We cannot keep everything the same, otherwise how could are wold change? How could we fix modern world issues if are rules are the same? If you think about it, even we change, we grow older and get new ideas. Our next generation needs a new, fixed, America; and a good way to start change is with reinventing the constitution.

  • It's out of date.

    The constitution was written during a time where wars were prevalent, a tyrannical government was more likely, and civil wars were more common. The amendments and laws and such that apply to the constitution, which were written 230 years ago... Apply to that time period. I don't know if anyone has noticed, but we live in a time that doesn't require the same laws or ideas.

  • We defiantly shouldn't.

    They constitution was written to protect us from tyranny. That is as relevant today as it's ever been. The federal government is out of control taking on way more power then it should. The constitution is at least holding it back in part, although they seem to be able to get away with ignoring it on occasion so maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part. The people who think it's out of date are the people we need it to protect us from.

  • The Constitution is timeless

    If you read the Constitution, you will see that it is quite simple in its original form. It allows for individual as well as larger group freedoms, including the freedom to address 'modern' times in the form of Amendments. I think the question is superfluous. We need to educate citizens to understand the Constitution.

  • Absolutely not !!

    That's not a YES the constitution should be rewritten for the modern world - the amendment process is part of the existing constitution which continues to serve us well - a YES vote would be advocating chucking it and rewriting it, not merely using the constitutionally provided construct to make measured changes to it over time

  • There is no need to...

    The Founders of the US established the Constitution as being the indefinite law of the land. They knew the world would advance eventually and they made the constitution as adaptable as possible. Besides, with our current government, i'm afraid they will just make a totalitarian dictatorship or something. Thank You.

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