• Yes yes yes

    Because the us is never at war and when it comes we will not be ready so we ned to spend more money on defense so when they attack we can shut them down and win the war if you read this say yes thank and subscibe to my youtube chanel nplayz

  • Foreign and domestic.

    Not only do our troops and tools of war need to be maintained, We also need to upgrade much of what we have.
    When Obama was in office, He used our military but failed to provide maintenance to the very things our soldiers were using like ships and planes. This has changed under our current leadership but we also need to advance our weapons to compete with our adversaries that have.
    Not only does our military need to be fully funded but our border defense also need to be upgraded. Some parts have little if any barriers were others have barriers that have been ineffective. Walls may be a low tech method but they work. We could even mount various sensors on the wall to detect people approaching it. Without a wall, You can have all the sensors and drones in the world but all they can do is get border patrol to where they were. By the time border patrol gets there, They are already far away and on U. S. Soil.

  • We need more money for the army

    We need to modernize our armed forces, As of 2015, 2/3 of our BCT's were not at desired readiness levels. More money will make sure nothing like that will happen. Finally, We need to show a "big stick" to prevent agression and have more leverage in say, Political matters. - Colonel Sanders

  • Yes it should.

    I am liberal and I think increasing defense fund is good for both US and it's allies. However increasing defense fund is only acceptable if that doesn't mean less education, Healthcare, Science and law enforcement funds as these are very important too. But it is true that U. S. Military is already strongest military in the world, So at least for now, It should not be however #1 priority. Rather #2 or #3.

  • Yes yes yes

    Because Us is going to be the first into space so we need to massacre aliens by the thousands. We will win the war. We will kill them all. We will wipe them to the brink of extinction. Then finish them off. We will take all their resources. The End.

  • Yes, We should, Here's why.

    The is a several layered approach to spending more on defesnse. We would defend American interests, Against all enemies, Foreign, And domestic, And keep terrorists out. I don't like far left pacifism, And while I am not a conservative either, I agree with the right, On protecting American interests. Make love, Not war? More like whoop ass, Get justice. I have my reasons having survived a felony crime, And been denied justice.

  • It is good

    We need money to support our army. If we don't have any army, Then if theres a war, Then how will we fight it? ! Anyway, Money for it goes to food and good living stuff for the soldiers, Not just weapons! We really should spend more on the defense! Otherwise, We will all die!

  • Yes yes of course

    It is imperative that We spend more on defence as we will grow complacent, Sure that our "legend" is enough. Have you read Larry Correia's book "Hard Magic"? A similar thing happened. A machine with absolute war ending power was hijacked. This is only back story, But what is something like that happened in real life?

  • More like stop wasting money

    We waste money on old tanks and obsolete stuff. Our nation can be wiped out by simple things and I do not want to give out ideas out.
    Rather than to invest in solid research and development we stick with old unreliable stuff.
    Because the corrupt military industry wants to make billions in profit. I could make better stuff than the trash the defense wastes on and it is a super bloated budget. Russia ad China could do us harm and they spend less than we do.
    Stop believing that the US is number one, Because we are racing to the bottom by the white people in charge not the brown or black people.

  • We are already the world superpower in terms of military

    In 2018 the U. S spent over 600 BILLION dollars on the military, While other nations such as Russia only spend around 60 billion. Our military is way too big already, And "Big Stick Policy" is a thing of the past. We should spend this vast amount of money on things that actually matter, Such as climate change.

  • No lol. R u guys serious lol?

    MM yes daddy government don't tread on me but please spend all my tax dollars on worthless garbage like trillion dollar debts and then tell me we're on the brink of collapse because of debt mmm yes government please lie to me im so dumb im so stupid i love listening to millionaires who don't care about me or anyone in my social caste mmm please spend all my tax money on guns and tanks instead of things like healthcare and free education which will directly benefit me instead of war profiteering corporations. If u voted yes to this poll, Consider urself braindead lol. Bc you are undoubtedly mentally handicapped

  • Seriously? Do you know how much we already spend?

    The united states government SPENDS more on the military than the next twenty nations combined most of them being allies, This is just nutz, What insanity is enough for this crazy deluded society, How insane is the united states of america? How? How sick and crazy are you people? What is wrong with you?

  • The US has enough of defence military forces.

    The US military is enough to defend every country in the world. More defense forces would cause more we ponds to be made and that isn't fair. Because the US is already trying to lessen North Korea's defense military forces. Therefore, The USA doesn't need to spend any more money on defence

  • Sense of safety & Depletion in other budgets

    Spending more on the United States military budget creates a sense of danger in society. This separate society as some people feels better about security while others think that the government knows something dangerous is coming. A separation will cause government overthrows and revolutions, Like what happened to the Russian revolution. Spending more will also destruct other budgets, Many people are starving in the united states, And the government seemed not too much concern. The united states, For example, Could have free healthcare like Canada, But the government still not seem to do anything about that, So destructing that would mean even worth care for us, Compelling the whole point of the military. The military is supposed to care for us and let us have a better life, When in fact there are so many other ways to achieve this, Like healthcare, Police, Parks, Etc. With the money for the military, We should be better off spending those elsewhere that will actually promote happiness.

  • Useless of spending more on defence

    Spending more on defence is useless as The United States of America
    has aready spent $649 billion dollars on the defence instead of spending more on defence they should look at the military training or else it will cause serious pressure and will not be able to defend the border. . .

  • Throwing money won't make the USA #1

    Military spending is at an all time high and America has never won a single war after the Vietnam War. Smaller people with sticks mud and cheap equipment beat the US.
    Russia and China spend less than the US and are building more advance weapons for less.
    Hey even a sick person from Africa has the white people in fear.
    Spending more money will not make a difference just like spending money on your sons boxing or football won't make him a champ he sucks just like the USA

  • Should the USA spend more on defense

    No because we could spend more money, More time, And more work on school's, Giving teachers and nurse's more money, Homeless shelter's, Food, And Water. I know that a war could go on any minute but we have more problem's then war and defense. If you are reading this then try and see what I am saying.

  • No I don't think we should spend anymore on defense at all.

    I don't think defense is really that important just like how I say how would we pay for it when someone wants health care for all (AOC). I think we should continue to spend what we are or maybe less while stop sending money to many European countries for defense who don't like us or appreciate that fact, Don't really need the money when they have stable economy's (not counting countries like Greece and Lithuania), And who when fighting with US troops like in Afghanistan won't help or assist in combat zones. So I think we should stop funding countries like Sweden, Germany, And France and only fund the military's or countries who are under threat like The Baltic States, Poland, And Greece. If we did that we could save Millions. That is only one example of stupid spending we could save maybe Billions if we just stop think about who we are sending money to and ask three questions. Why are we sending them money, What are they actually doing with the money, And how do they view us and how will this effect us and the region down the line.

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