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More like stop wasting money

  We waste money on old tanks and obsolete stuff. Our nation can be wiped out by simple things and I do not want to give out ideas out. Rather than to invest in solid research and development we stick with old unreliable stuff. WHY? Because the corrupt military industry wants to make billions in profit. I could make better stuff than the trash the defense wastes on and it is a super bloated budget. Russia ad China could do us harm and they spend less than we do. Stop believing that the US is number one, Because we are racing to the bottom by the white people in charge not the brown or black people.
MitchV says2019-05-14T15:21:59.747
To keep cost of purchase and maintenance down, We do tend to use battle tested hardware longer like cars. Totally new designs cost a ton of money from first draft to first off the line. After that first one comes off, You only have to maintain and feed the line. For instance, If it costs you $10 million to put a car into production but only costs $15 thousand to make each car. You may be able to sell each car for $20 over 5-10 years and still make a good profit. If you had to invest that $10 mil each year, You may have to increase the buying cost to $25-30 thousand to make a profit. It also makes maintaining them easier as the manufacturer is still making new parts for your car.

Playing the race card? Really? Fact is, Just about every country has someone in power who is of the majority race. China has a Chinese leader, Mexico has a Hispanic leader. India has a leader who's Indian (not native american). About the only exceptions are some countries who have elected white leaders tho they are not the majority race.
Fact is, We had a black leader (president) but he made things worse. He used the military but failed to keep it maintained. He let gave up on our economy and manufacturing so we had really low GDP and high unemployment.
Identity politics may only get you the best black, Hispanic, Woman, Etc president. I'm not saying that we need the best white president but we need the best president regardless of race.
TopNotch101 says2019-05-14T22:09:44.707
Yeah wtf about race white people are competent too
addivahoz says2019-05-16T00:49:46.060
addivahoz says2019-05-16T00:52:45.257
addivahoz says2019-05-16T00:53:22.260
"He let gave up on our economy and manufacturing so we had really low GDP and high unemployment. "
That's propaganda.
addivahoz says2019-05-16T00:57:07.930
addivahoz says2019-05-16T00:58:05.557
The GDP of the US was only low because of the stock market crash. Additionally, Afterwards, GDP always kept growing. For unemployment, Again, It was because of the stock market crash. By all means, The GDP of the US is not "low" and the high unemployment was caused by the stock market crash.
addivahoz says2019-05-16T00:58:52.653
Ignore my broken phrases. I was trying to figure out what part of my sentence made debate. Org remove my reply.
MitchV says2019-05-16T14:53:03.827

Just propaganda?
I said "gave up on our economy" because Obama said “Two percent real GDP growth is the new normal for the U. S. Economy. ”
I said "and manufacturing" because Obama claimed Trump would need a "magic wand" to bring manufacturing back.
The rest is self evident as he (Obama) didn't even average 2% GDP. Yes, The market recovered slowly under Obama but he still gave up on so many middle class jobs. Seems to me that the market recovered despite Obama and not because of him. By comparison to what it has been since Trump, Obama meager 1. 6 GDP growth is low and I guess Trump must have a magic wand as manufacturing jobs are coming back by the thousands. This increase of middle class jobs has created a bit of a worker shortage so it has also caused middle class wages to go up without the need of new minimum wage raises.

Not worried about how you phrased it. I got what you meant. DDO has issues at times I guess. No biggy.
addivahoz says2019-05-16T22:04:30.217
Yeah, Debate. Org is getting buggy.
But I'm wondering where you got 1. 6% GDP growth. I got around 2. 17% gdp growth for Obama's years as a president, Excluding 2008 and 2009.
addivahoz says2019-05-16T22:05:38.387
And by the way, Generally, The more manufacturing jobs that come back, The greater the prices will increase as a result of more expensive labor.
MitchV says2019-05-17T15:06:21.980

That may be a high quarter he had but on average he was at around 1. 6% on his best year.
Yes, These jobs coming back would raise prices because of higher wages but at least people would have jobs to buy the item. Without a job, You can afford it even at the lower price, But if your working now and getting even more pay, You can afford the higher prices.
Here is the issue with raising the min. Wage. My company makes widgets (made up product). We rely on others to send us raw materials but the supplier has to pay his employees more so my cost goes up. I send it to a distributor who raises the price to pay for his increased wages. The store that buys it from the distributor has to pay their employees more so the cost goes up again. The little more you make by min. Wage going up means that everything you buy goes up much more because it passed through several other hands that require more pay themselves. This puts that widget even further out of reach.
addivahoz says2019-05-17T21:09:54.087
Correct, And so what would you think would happen if companies no longer have a supply of cheap labor, And instead have to hire expensive, American workers?
Thing is, There were many jobs other than manufacturing. As the industrial sector declines, The service sector flourishes. They may not pay as much, But then again, The average prices of goods also decreased, And so would offset the lower wages.
addivahoz says2019-05-17T21:11:02.883
Source for GDP:
Search up GDP growth by year and go to thebalance.
I averaged out the GDP growths from years 2010 to 2016.
YeshuaRedeemed says2019-05-18T04:07:23.317
Challenge me to a debate on this, Because I disagree. I also don't think you know the difference between defence, And military spending, Respectfully, Like most people.
MitchV says2019-05-18T17:59:34.500
"Correct, And so what would you think would happen if companies no longer have a supply of cheap labor, And instead have to hire expensive, American workers? "
Prices would still go up but you would now have more people who can afford it. Raising min. Wage only helps a few who get paid less but bring back jobs not only increases wages in general but adds more people getting wages. Can you buy a new car if you don't have a job or if your only making min. Wage? Nope but if you got the middle class wages that manufacturing provides, You could.
Yes, Obama may have added more service jobs but those tend to be min. Wage. Personally, I went from making about $17+ and hour working in manufacturing to min. Wage $7. 25 working in retail under Obama. Maybe if he had actually tried keep the jobs here I could still afford a new car every 7 years and still have the house I had purchased. Nah, Much better to just let them go overseas and replace them with service related jobs. Right?

I stand corrected. 1. 6 % wasn't a yearly average but the total average. Still, He's the only president in a long time to never have gotten even 3% but Trump has gotten over 4%. Double what Obama claimed was the "new normal".
addivahoz says2019-05-19T01:52:34.650
So basically, Wages go up and offset the more expensive products. Then there's really not much of a difference between keeping manufacturing jobs and not keeping them, Because when manufacturing jobs are kept, Wages are higher, But so are prices. When manufacturing jobs are given to other countries, Wages are lower, But so are prices.
About your statement on more than 4% GDP growth, On the source that I used previously, The GDP growth rates in 2017 and 2018 were 2. 2% and 2. 9% respectively. The average is about 2. 55%, Which is higher than 2. 17% that Obama got overall, But not quite 4%.
MitchV says2019-05-20T10:36:39.450

There may be little difference to consumers who continued working while manufacturing jobs came back but to those who did not have jobs, Things are greatly improved. Cost of a product does not matter if you have no income. It also means that you become dependent on the wages of others to survive. Bringing manufacturing back means more people can afford even minor luxuries like dinner out. This means more demand for service related jobs as well so their pay goes up with that demand instead of gov. Regulations. More get paid more so more spend more. Because so many get more pay were they had less or none before, Their are more people paying more money in taxes to support fewer people. In contrast, Sending jobs overseas means fewer getting paid at all and lower wages for those that do. This means less money to fund the lives of more people.
To make things even worse, Many democrats are proposing free housing, And basic income whether you work or not. What would be the point in having any job if you can just stay in your publicly funded home eating funded food. You would be taking away all incentive to work at all. This would drastically raise the number of unemployed. Not because they can't get a job but because they don't feel like working when they can live off the government. The good new would be that service job wages would go up but that would mean that the costs would raise even higher. Imagine if you needed to pay retail workers 50% more just so you can stock your shelves. How much more would you have to charge for that food or other merchandise? No worried because the government would pay for it no matter the price. This equals even more expense that is being funded by even fewer people. Let me guess. It will just be the top 1-10% that pay for all this. Right? Look what happened when they raise taxes for the wealthy businesses. They just moved their manufacturing to places that had lower taxes leaving the less wealthy companies (who couldn't afford to move production) to pay the added taxes. Same would happen if you applied that to peoples personal taxes. They would just pack up and move to a place (country) with less taxes leaving those with less funds to take on the burden. Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money.
Yet the GDP growth rate for 2017 was negative 2. 77. This the Obama admin. Blamed on the Bush admin. The recovery in 2018 was credited to Obama even tho the rest of the world also recovered without his leadership at the same time. Basically, Obama just rode along as the world economy came back. Even according the the Obama admin. The effects of past presidents don't last more than a year if the new sitting president makes changes to the economy. Funny thing is, Obama was also credited for an economy that he even said was a thing of the past. (the new normal). Clearly Trump has made huge changes to the economy that has cause it to surpass Obama's greatest hopes yet many democrats are still giving the credit to the Obama economy. Thing is, The U. S. Isn't just rising with the rest of the world but we are going even better when other parts are still struggling.
Either way, You must admit that Trump is doing far better for our economy and the people (unemployment rates) than Obama did.
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