Should the USA stay out of other countries' wars?

Asked by: jedieglet
  • Yes because its stupid to lose lives to help another country.

    I think this because we have lost thousands of lives in wars that did not involve the US in any way. I mean come on Israel can fight its own battles its proved that ten times over. Its their land now muslims. They kicked you out because they were more powerful and you made them a minority you lucky that the US is so nosey that they talked Israel down from blowing the gaza strip of the map after THEY launched missiles at them.

  • The USA Should Stay Out Of Other Countries Wars

    We the American people should stay out of other countries wars just because there is war on other countries doesn’t mean that the USA can join the fight ok and yes I think that The USA should stay out of other countries wars ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok bye

  • Because we as Americans need to take care of ourselves in order to make America great again.

    It makes no sense to let men and women go over to other countries and die for them. When those men have kids at home and then don't come home and their kids don't have a dad. And the women don't make it home because they were killed trying to stop someone in another country from being killed, but they are shot and not able to go home and kiss their children.

  • A poor allocation of resources

    To begin, I am not American, I'm from New Zealand. Yet our country's news stations never fail to mention America, and their wars in the Middle East that have been going on for over a decade. To me, it's just a retread of the Vietnam War (which only ended when America took it on the chin and left), and is a contributing factor to the rise of anti-american terrorist organisations such as ISIS.

    The yearly military budget of the USA is roughly $610.096 billion. Even 10% of this being allocated towards education, health care, and welfare would benefit the country greatly. To me, the military budget seems like this is a sad waste of resources.

    America should protect its allies in times of need. But this is not how war works anymore. The Western World's "enemies" do not attack countries with armies anymore.

  • Imperialism must be stopped.

    The United States is truly the only imperialist nation left. They intervene in other nation's issues to "support" the opposition. Instead they are out for themselves, to establish a government they favor, to have an ally closer to the nations they hate. Why do you think the U.S. forced control of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and has ties in Turkey and Saudi Arabia? It is to gain control of Iran of course! Any smart person who reads and opens their mind would know this. Once the Shah was overthrown in the 1970s the U.S. was embarrassed, why do you think they supported Saddam's Iraq to attack Iran in the 1980s?
    Similar events happen everywhere, Europe (where the U.S. bases its troops and missiles closer to Russia and then say "Well, we are protecting against Iranian missiles" when the latest Iranian missiles doesn't even reach near Europe. It is obviously to flex against Russia and show American and NATO aggression), or Asia where the U.S. has forces, ships, and missiles stationed by China and North Korea.

    The U.S. needs to stop policing the world for its own security, because the scary thing is that even though the government is supposedly protecting Americans, many of them have lost basic freedoms in the process of this "security". And all it does is bring more hate on the United States while Americans gloat that "people hate us just cuz we r awesome, YEAHHH 'MURICA".

  • We are not the police or protectors of the world.

    America has already sacrificed enough of its own resources to fight along side other countries. Why can't we just stop fighting other people's wars unless it immediately involves us? If it's just like, oh they need backup and we aren't their only option, then we shouldn't get involved because fighting like brutes when your nation is not actually needed on the front line is ridiculous. How about America focuses on itself for just a while?

  • No, because its not our fight!

    We don't need to lose more people than we already have. Now because of people killing other people we have probably lost more people than if we went to war. So we don't need more people dying than we already have in the United States. I mean why do we worry about other countries wars?

  • We have an obligation to defend our allies.

    America has hardly fought a war alone. We have had faithful allies, such as the British Commonwealth, stand beside us when we had to defend our democracy. We must be a good ally and help other nations in their struggles. If we help a friend, they will be more willing to give us a helping hand down the road. We can't get involved in every war, but if capable, we have a moral responsibility to defend our allies.

  • America has no right to intervene

    America is not the leader of the world. In fact, it is just a large nation. It has absolutely no right to intervene in other nations' war. America's military is well-funded, yes, but still by coming into other nations' war, America is exerting a sense of superiority over other nations.
    If two children were fighting over a piece of chocolate, and if a teen came over and snatched it away and gave it to one of the children, can you imagine how biased that is? America is not "the big daddy". It is just "a big guy" in that sense.
    Also, by stepping into other nations' wars, America does not win. Firstly it loses lives and resources, secondly it will harden the relationship between America and the side that lost the war. Of course, if America was fighting an enemy, it is totally reasonable to join in the war. But that is the exception. If North Korea and Syria were fighting would America step in? No! And if the UK and France were fighting, would America step in? Definitely not!
    Both are allies, and both are enemies. By fighting for one particular side, America would hamper the relationship/ties with the unlucky nation that happened to be on the wrong side. This nation may not be an enemy: in fact it may be an ally, or a closely related nation; it was attacked by America solely because America stepped into the war.
    Thus to avoid all this confusion, America should not step into wars that it is neutral, or only slightly towards one side. America, in that sense, should stay out of other country's wars.

  • America Is Not The World

    Certainly, if America intervenes in armed conflict of any kind, our military forces will suffer casualties. But, the American military is highly funded and well-equipped, and is capable of ending armed conflicts faster than they might otherwise have been. If America intervening ends up in the long run creating less deaths, even if it means making some of them US deaths, so be it. America is not the world, and our troops don't have a greater value on them than other soldiers/innocents from other nations.

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Jifpop09 says2014-02-20T03:01:42.323
I am of the opinion that we should send more soldiers to the UN military.
kbub says2014-02-20T03:40:58.517
This picture has to go.

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