Should The Usage Of Violent Video Games Be A Valid Reason For Violent Actions

Asked by: UberDragon99
  • Games influence the way you think

    If you play games like this you start to think like this...Stop playing these games...They are the causes of many deaths in the U.S. Please stop denying the fact that these games are harmful to you. They are destroying you. The way you think. Act, believe, and live...Please stop these games!!!!!

  • They become addicted to the games.

    When people play video games too much, they become addicted to it. You could say that it is a cover up and that may be true too. They cannot separate reality from the world within the video games. Therefore, it accounts into them being violent and investigators state this as well.

  • Why Should Video Games be to Blame

    The Sandy Hook Tragedy, Boston Marathon Bombings, Colorado Movie Theater Shooting, and A Colorado High School Shooting in 1999 have been all blamed on the over-usage of violent video games or just "said to be using violent games prior". This has been a terrible way to blame these shootings and bombings. I believe this is either a cover-up or just something so an investigation didn't have to be either made or looked into further

  • That would be no.

    There is no evidence that indicates violent video games promote violent behavior. In the end, people are responsible for their own actions, unless they are declared mentally incompetent. We live in a society that like to make excuses. In a recent case, a Muslim got away with assault and battery, here in the good old US of A, because the judge was convinced that he was provoked by his victim. Without personal responsibility and accountability, there can be no justice. One can always say it wasn't my fault.

  • Violent Video Games have never caused any shootings.

    It takes a crazy person to shoot a school. Adam Lanza was crazy. The kid taped garbage bags to his windows and wouldn't talk to his mother for months even though they lived in the same house. He wouldn't eat food unless it was in a particular arrangement. He wouldn't allow a Christmas tree in the house. The guy was either in a massive crying fit or playing Dance Dance Revolution at his local movie theater. He was messed up.

    Video games did not do that to him or any other shooter. Violent games may have some sway on the already crazed, but never has a game had even a majority of the reasons a shooter attacks. Games are only and easy scapegoat that ignorant idiots blame shootings on.

    Keep in mind that some 60 years ago the country was filled with people who had actually gone to war, even from a young age. School shootings were about as common then, maybe even less common. Don't blame it on electronics you Luddites!

  • They should not

    They should not be band because video games are video games and people have fun playing those video games. And the little kids don't know what it is but some might know what it is and they might get addicted to it and they will be acting a little strange because of them.

  • Dishoungh makes a good point

    Blah blah blah is someone speaking? I'm talking to you people who said yes. Now go watch this video it'll put your head on straight :https://www.Youtube.Com/watchv=m2Jq7vPxYGg&list=UUabaQPYxxKepWUsEVQMT4Kw&feature=iv&src_vid=50tba-69IDs&annotation_id=annotation_3760127909
    Any way it is true that the media just wants a scapegoat because they are against it for some stupid reason. It is ridiculous really really ridiculous that you go along with them. I do not find your reasoning sound in any way, shape, or form. Get a brain people who said yes, because no offense. Youre just wrong ok? JUST. WRONG.

  • Society is to blame

    Society is a much better reason because it can motivate an individual to partake in a criminal lifestyle.

    For example, Trevor Phillips, a made up character in GTA V, had an abusive father and a mean mother. In fact, his father attempted to abandon him at the mall. As a result, his devastating childhood caused him to express his feelings with the use of violent behavior.

    Video games are just simulations of a criminal lifestyle, it does not necessarily encourage violent behaviors.

  • No it does not affect people.

    It is just a game, parents think it does affect us, it doesnt. If people make think so it is not a valid reason for violent actions, it is probably just a result of a bad day or stress. It is not a thing that affects people. Vilent games supriingly calms poeple ddown.

  • Crimes since the beginning of time

    Humans have committed heinous crimes against other humans since the beginning of human existence. Anger is within every human. Weather one human can control that anger or not is the question. Now more than ever humans have opportunity to commit these acts against more people at one time, with the use of automatic weapons or bombs. It goes to the old saying, guns dont kill people, people kill people.

  • The media just wants a scapegoat

    It's true. The media and news can't find any other cause and they just blatantly use video games as a scapegoat. Yeah, video games does cause some things to happen, but they treat it like video games are the #1 cause of everything. It's hypocrisy. That's what I think it is.

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