Should the USDA be able to confiscate farmers' livestock?

Asked by: jtightlips24
  • Mad cow disease

    If the USDA could not confiscate and in fact slaughter any population of livestock found to have MCD, it would have DISASTROUS results for our society, as there is no cure for MCD. Mad Cow Disease results in a nearly 100% fatality rate, and is a slow but very painful and debilitating death.

  • Yes, the USDA should be able to consfiscate farmers' livestock.

    The USDA should have the power to confiscate all livestock that is diseased and may cause disease to other livestock. We cannot afford a food crisis because some farmer refuses to take care of their sick animals. The entire health of our nation should not be jeopardized by one human being.

  • Inhuman Treatment of Livestock

    Some people treat animals as if they are dirt. They think they can keep them confined in cages when animals were meant to run wild. If you do not have the sufficient land or better yet money to keep your livestock alive then the government should have the right to take them away.

  • Why should they be able to?

    I am going to ask you this question and if your answer is because they're the government am going to ask you this question: who elected them? Thats right us we should be able to keep our livestock.
    Is your teacher allowed to take your bracelet even if you weren't playing with it or flicking people with it? Ya she/he probably doesn't.

  • What's there to talk about?

    Of coarse the government has no right to take cattle. I'm not saying that some farmers treat their animals well, but if the farmer paid for the cattle, he or she has a right to deny the government taking it and killing it. The government has a right to take your land, car, or anything they want if they wanted to.(Thank god they don't do that on a national scale.) In short, it is unfair for the us to take cattle from farmers.

  • That's just crap.

    They should not be able to Confiscate a farmers cattle. The cattle is their property. They own it. If the USDA wants the cow, then they should buy it, like every other person in the entire world. Honestly it is like asking the NRA to give up all of their guns. It won't happen. Protests will happen if they did.

  • Its their livestock, and they paid for it,

    I dont care if your Government, or your claim to protecting "Safety", you have no right to steal from people. And we all know that the whole USDA is just a scam to crush competition so the Meat Packers can crush any small businesses. Thats the whole problem with the Federal Government, they are too big, and they have taken on too much responsibility, that they have cut it down to only serving Giant corporations interests.

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