Should the use of animals for sport or entertainment be illegal?

  • The use of animals for sport or entertainment should be illegal.

    Many parents who are taken into captivity for sport or entertainment purposes are abused or left in the care of workers who do not fully understand them. A recent documentary brought to light the dangers of ignoring the psychological and physical needs of animals for profit. It not only harms the animals, it can ultimately be deadly to humans.

  • Yes, there needs to be stronger laws protecting the rights of animals.

    Human rights has been one of the largest issues in recent history, with a majority of people now believing strongly in laws against slavery and torture. However, much of society still sees animals as undeserving of the same rights. Much of this has to do with the complexity of the food chain, but putting food issues aside the fact remains that humans are also animals. Just like humans, other animals are sentient and capable of enormous pain and suffering. Most animals are no match for human intelligence and industry, but that does not mean it is right to treat animals inhumanely, especially for frivolous purposes like sports and entertainment.

  • Using animals in entertainment is ethical as long as their handlers treat them humanely.

    Animals participate in a variety of entertainment forms, including movies, agility shows and races, without suffering any physical or emotional harm. Working together to entertain others is rewarding for both the animal entertainers and the humans who train and care for them. The law should forbid abuse and mistreatment, but it should permit the use of animals in entertainment as long as they are kept safe.

  • Animals should be used for entertainment.

    While it may be immoral to hunt and kill animals for sport, using them for entertainment is not necessarily wrong when the animal's life is not at risk. For example, bull-riding is more dangerous for the rider than it is for the bull; the humans who participate in the sport choose to participate in such a high risk lifestyle.

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