• Yes, They Should

    Being a person that relies on food stamps for a large part of our grocery budget, I have to say that food stamps should be expanded. The amounts were just lowered in January from higher benefits that were supplied during the recession. The government did not renew these benefits and so amounts were slashed. Our personal financial situation has not improved and we do not foresee a change in the short term future. In the mean time we're stuck trying to feed ourselves on $150 in food stamps and whatever extra change we scratch up to buy more groceries. My cabinets and refrigerator are bear and we're both working.

  • Yes it should.

    The use of food stamps should be expanded and it should be used by more people who do not have the money to buy food. The way the country is right now not a lot of people are able to buy food for their family and is often running behind on bills and need the food stamps.

  • No, the food stamp program shouldn't be expanded.

    An investigation has shown that food stamps are already quite easy to get; sometimes even people who are middle class can apply and get them. What I would like to see instead is that people learn to care about one another more and help each other out more. Food pantries are one example of how we can support those who are in need. Since the Great Depression, when the government started getting highly involved, we've become too dependent on the government for help, when we really should be helping one another as much as we can.

  • People Need to Get Jobs

    Food stamps shouldn't be expanded whatsoever. It's a free market economy and those who don't have jobs need to apply for work at places like McDonald's and Wal-Mart. In America, we've become lazy. The Founding Fathers didn't sit around and wait for King George III to give the colonies handouts. Those men took action to let the king know how they felt. In the same way those men made America exceptional, we need to take action to improve our lives rather than wait for Uncle Sam to bail us out.

  • Too Many People on Welfare

    The unemployment rate has dropped low enough and the economy has expanded enough to get the job market headed in the right direction. Welfare programs should be scaled back and job placement services should be expanded. Instead of waiting for government handouts, job seekers should do what they need to in order to make ends meet. Reducing expenses and getting more than one job is a necessary step to get out of the welfare trap. The Founding Fathers didn't wait for King George III to give them a handout. Instead, they took the initiative and broke away from England. Job seekers should do the same--apply a McDonald's and Wal-Mart and get to work.

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