Should the use of illegal digital tools in pursuit of political ends be decriminalized?

  • It depends entirely on the specifics.

    This question can't really be answered well unless more specifics are given. What is being used and why? The law is not necessarily synonymous with morality. Something being illegal does not have to mean that it is wrong, and something being legal does not have to mean that it is right.

  • No, it should stay illegal

    Most of the government and all things political in the United States are already corrupt beyond comprehension, making illegal digital tools legal will only continue to persuade politicians to do more slimy things than they already do. I think it should either be kept the way it is or even make stricter laws against using them.

  • Definitely not, no.

    This isn't to say that they shouldn't be used as they always have and always will be... (Let's not pretend that we don't know what black bag jobs and the like are...) But, they should continue to be a criminal offense. Changing their classification leaves too much wiggle room for exploitation and the corruption of an already dubious legal system.

  • decriminalization of illegal tool.

    No I do not think that these tools should be decriminalized because if they were then anybody would feel that they could hack into any ones accounts like twitter, facebook, or even accounts like their personal bank accounts. I know I would not want someone to be able to legally get into any of my accounts and not have any consequences for their actions.

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