Should the use of performance-enhancing substances be legalized in the sporting world?

  • They're all doing it anyways.

    I think that performance enhancing substances should be legalized in sports because it is so prevalent as it is. I don't think its right to let kids do it, but if you're going into the pros and you know that everyone else is doing it, wouldn't you? I think that it's unfair to keep these players from getting to what they perceive their maximum potential is.

  • It's too harmful.

    Steroids should not be allowed in the sporting world. Whether we like it or not, children look up to sports stars now a days. For this reason, we need our athletes to be clean and moral. If children find out their favorite player is on steroids, children will do steroids to be just like them. Unfortunately, steroids are extremely harmful to everyone's bodies.

  • No One takes PED's to be as good as everyone esle

    Professional athletes who use performance enhancing drugs do so because they want to be the best, No athlete takes PEDs to even the playing field between competitors. If these drugs are legalized everyone will want to be the best which means taking more and more until they are 'better'. This will DEFINITELY lead to overdosing, serious health injuries and death all because of PEDs.

  • No, it ruins sports.

    Sports are fun because people like to watch people doing things that the average person cannot. Not everyone is a great ball player, and it's fun to see the professionals playing a great game. To know that people are succeeding due to drugs, would ruin the fun of it and would encourage non-athletes to use the same substances in hopes of achieving the same greatness.

  • Drugs are fraud.

    My argument is that performance enhancing drugs are outright fraud. Sports are technically a business, and using body-harming enhancement drugs gives players an edge over other players who don't wish to risk their well being. It should stay banned to keep the playing field somewhat level so players don't have to compromise their health.

  • No They Shouldn't

    We should not allow performance enhancing drugs in sports. Sports are a competition to see who is the best at their craft. Allowing these drugs would change that. It would then be who can get access to the best drugs. That is wrong to me. They have no place in the sports world.

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