Should the use of recreational marijuana be made legal in the United States?

  • If haliburton got the exclusive patent for weed today, it would be legal tomorrow!

    More people have been killed by dinosaurs than this Plant! Every study by every medical association ever recognizes benefits. Canabis is the only perfect plant and ironically its illegal. It can replace 100s of medicines, it can be used as fuel, feed,clothing,food, . I'm glad my doctor recommended it. I'm so happy. It's the closest thing to a god this planet has and its banned for religious reasons. Irony

  • Marijuana should be legal.

    I think that pot should no longer be illegal in America. The prohibition of marijuana seems silly to me, even sillier than the prohibition of alcohol back in the day. Marijuana has some benefits, and nowhere near the negatives that many popular drugs do (alcohol, over the counter, and cigarettes).

  • Yes it should.

    Yes, the use of recreational marijuana should be made legal in the United States. No matter how you feel about the use of marijuana, legalizing it would be a good thing. If dispensaries are allowed to sell the product, it will take the money out of drug dealers and suppliers hands.

  • Yes it should

    Marijuana is a much tamer drug than a lot of ones that are out on the market today, especially alcohol. It has no known long term side effects, is not truly addictive, and is not know to harm parts of your body. I don't see why it shouldn't be legalized.

  • Recreational Marijuana Is Better

    As far as I am concerned the "cat is out of the bag" regarding marijuana. People have educated themselves on the harms and benefits of marijuana and they've found that there is not as many dangerous involved as our government once lead us to believe. I think we would be far better off to legalize it and tax it.

  • Yes it should

    It should be legal everywhere in the world, its a all natural plant and can be used for many reasons
    and make jobs go up and make all the countries have a better econonmy and not make criminals out of a plant, it is our right to smoke marijuana because it a all natural plant and who are you to say we cant smoke it? Your controlling us, let us make our own choices.

  • No, it is a drug.

    No, the use of recreational marijuana should not be made legal in the United States, because marijuana is a schedule one drug, and it is highly addictive. Although it is harder to detect, driving while high kills many people each year. Because it is more publicly acceptable than driving drunk, it is hard to convince marijuana users not to drive high. Because of the destruction it causes, marijuana should not be legalized.

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