Should the use of religious rhetoric in political campaigns be banned?

  • Maintain the separation of church and state

    Belief is and must remain private and personal - shared only by like minded congregations otherwise it ceases to be spiritual and becomes a tool of worldly power and governance. The temptation to intolerance is overwhelming in all societies which have allowed religious majorities to influence politics. The thrust of history is to maximize liberty, choice and free thought. Democracy must have secular foundations - guarded with vigilance by all. Note that the most socially tolerant candidates running for the office of president have the most nurturing and socially compassionate agendas. Note also that the most religious candidates have the narrowest and most intolerant moral stances. Coincidence?

  • Why should they impose it upon us?

    I think religion is ridiculous to begin with, but regardless of my opinion, it doesn't change the fact that religious rhetoric in political campaigns does nothing other than subconsciously force people of common backgrounds to feel obliged to lean in a direction they might have ignored otherwise. I think it should be banned.

  • Religion Not a Part of Campaigns

    Yes, the use of religious rhetoric in political campaigns should be banned. Political campaigns are not the place for religious rhetoric. A political campaign is a politician’s sales pitch to gain votes based on what he or she can promise constituents. Religion should not be allowed to be a part of these campaigns. A politician’s campaign should contain a summary of what he or she has accomplished, how they have voted, the issues they favor, the issues they oppose, and the issues they intend to address if elected. Religious rhetoric has no bearing on a candidate’s ability to perform his or her service if elected.

  • Yes religious rhetoric in political campaigns should be banned

    God has no place in an election campaign of really any kind. That is a personal, private thing, and should remain that way, not as something used to gain votes as tends to happen every single time. Candidates should stick to the important issues that effect ALL of us.....not things that only offend people's moral sensibilities. People wanna be offended, let them be offended, stop bowing down to them and forcing everyone else to be as they are. Religion has no place in politics whatsoever.

  • Do not limit freedom of speech!

    A candidate that is religious should be allowed to express his religion how he chooses. Let the citizens voting him in determine if they agree with his rhetoric and keep the government out of freedoms. There is still seperation of church and state in this country which creates the barrier guarding us from a larger scale vatican city.

  • Freedom of speech

    Personally, I dislike the use of religious rhetoric in campaigns. However, I believe the solution is to educate people as to how inflammatory and ultimately counterproductive it is. Simply banning it will be perceived by those who are fond of such rhetoric as a "war on religion," and will lead to a backlash.

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