• Tasers are not appropriate for police.

    Normally when a Taser is deployed the situation is already tense, And probably violent. The Taser is supposed to be a helpful tool for officers to subdue a person. I suggest it is a tool that is is not effective in many situations. There are a number of reasons for this. Sadly, Many officers are not trained well in the simple art of talking to people and thus calming the situation. Many seem to be lacking in self confidence concerning going 'hands on" with people. Many seem to think that technology solves everything. Sadly many panic when confronted with hostility and reach for a weapon of some type. The Taser is shaped like a gun. It can be painted yellow and used in a cross draw type holster, But there have been plenty of documented cases where officers have mistakenly drawn their duty weapon, Yelled "Taser Taser Taser", Then shot some one, Honestly thinking they were using their Taser. I am familiar with one case personally.
    Very tragic for both the victim, Family, And the officer. I am a retired LEO, Never liked the idea of a Taser for police work. I believe this recent incident in Minnesota will be another tragic mistake involving a Taser.

  • Tasers should be banned from all police

    I think that the police should have to be banned from using tasers because it hurts the innocent people ok and they should have to ban tasers from all police For good to stop police from tasing people ok so they should have to ban tasers from all police for good

  • Tasers interfere with the body's electrical system

    Both the brain and the heart use electrical impulses to function. The worst case scenario is cardiac arrest. One also has to wonder if it would interfere with cognitive capacity. Also, While the person is incapacitated, The police are still asking the tasered subject to comply, Often a physical impossibility while under the effect of having been tasered - limbs are rigid and cannot be manipulated - police view this as "resistance" and often taser the subject again w/o giving them the opportunity to recover. Repeatedly being tasered is torture. Far too many times subjects end up dying as a result of such actions. Yes, It's time to ban tasering by the police and look for a more effective means of control of uncooperative subjects.

  • Students and public’s reasoning about tasers

    For school to pass Police should not use tasers Because tasers do not work more often than guns Jam.
    If a tasers did not work a cop may have to use his gun still so why not banned taser.
    If a taser not used by the right they are banned for the best of use humans

  • Of course tasers should be banned. A no-brainer.

    Tasers cause more harm than good and are disproportionately used on black people and people with mental illness and other health conditions such as deafness.

    Last year, British police used a taser on its own race relations adviser in Bristol as he was going into his home:
    https://www. Theguardian. Com/world/2017/jan/20/police-taser-race-relations-adviser-bristol-judah-adunbi

    An ex-soccer player died after having been tasered in Britain. Of course, He too was black.
    Https://www. Dailymail. Co. Uk/wires/ap/article-3741443/Football-club-Ex-player-dead-shot-Taser. Html

    Tasers are also often used on patients in psychiatric hospitals where police have no business unless you are willing to have police carry out procedures like appendectomies and tumor removal surgery too.

    A $900, 000 settlement was paid earlier this year to an 86-year-old man who was tasered: https://www. Nashvilletnlaw. Com/blog/86-year-old-man-receives-900000-settlement-taser-case/

    Handguns should also be banned in the US, Both for police and the public. The more guns are owned by members of the public, The more police officers die and the more afraid police officers become and the more likely they are to kill first and ask questions later. The graphs showing the differences are like comparing Mount Everest with a sandgrain.

  • I mean, Duh.

    Police can hurt people with these. If they are just being arrested, And are not putting up a fight, Or are just running away, There's no need to harm innocent people. Tasers are excessive, And I think that they can still be sold to the public, As a means of self-defence, But not for the police.

  • Cos there sare

    Ye don't want tae die and that and go tae the hospital and say you've just been tazered by the police for no reason and there shouldn't be any tazers cos there sare and ehhhhhhhhhhhh aye so my point is NO MORE TAZERS FOR THE POLICE THATS BAD THE END

  • If not banned then restricted.

    Individual Police Offices have already shown many times that they do not posses the self control to know when not to use these weapons on people they could otherwise control by securing their limbs.

    Tazering 84 year old seniors and children as young as 13. People who are mentally challenged and overall people who do not pose a threat to them. These are the acts of sadist - no other honest way to look at it. We need national guidelines so that police in small podunk town will not have excuses.

    And needless to say, if the rules prohibit tazering, then should also cover shootings.

  • I have been shot with a taser

    On my 27th birthday I had the cops called on me for disorderly conduct and when the officer arrived I was sitting down and he informed me I was under-arrest and to get on my feet so I stood up and said this is bullshit and walked toward him so he could handcuff me. He never told me to get on the ground or put my hands up or behind my back and It should be pointed out that this was the 3rd time out of 4 times that this same cop arrested me and I always felt he was out to get me. So when I stood up he pushed me through a window probably to give him time to grab his taser from its holster and when I turned around he shot me in the stomach and gave me at least 2 jolts. I dropped immediately and the paramedics arrived 10 minutes later to pullout the taser from my stomach. This cop in my view used excessive force and just pushing me threw the window would have given him time to restrain me because it was 15 seconds before I ever turned around, but he just had to use that Damn taser and ultimately got his wish. Cops these days have no remorse for the pain and suffering they cause when they decide to go beyond the normal apprehension of a suspect and are trained from day one to use excessive force if the suspect doesn't bow down to them. I feel a taser is just another toy for them to play with and they will use it whenever they get a chance just like an assault rifle. If a cop isn't man enough to take down a suspect without a taser than they shouldn't be a cop.

  • Ban tasers for ever

    Seriously people. These are modern mobile torture devices and the police know it. People have died from them all over the world. Only sadist's use tasers. The reason why it's better for police to only use guns is so that they don't go to far. To use a firearm means it's a life and death situation. The amount of paperwork the officer has to do if he fires off 1 bullet is massive. How many times have we seen dim witted sadistic police officers tase people over minor offences??? It's beyond absurd now.

  • Tasers use electric shocks and could potentially kill someone

    Tasers are not safe for police officers to use on people because you can die from the electric shock and can electrocute you and if i may there is a lot more deaths from tasers that could happen so i think that they should not put anyone at risk i am fully against tasers being used

  • Would you rather get shot?

    Getting taser isn't as bad as getting shot as it only shuts down your muscle for a couple of seconds sure it leaves holes in your body but so does a gun...... The only difference is that one kills and one doesn't. So make up your minds people, always taking about police shooting people for no good reason and here your saying your saying police should have tasers

  • Common Get Real, Tasers are needed

    Why would anyone suggest removing the Taser, its better than getting shot! It is a lesser means of violence is always preferable, and better for both sides. These days police have to meet force with force, and it seems all the bad guys have guns, so it would be idiotic to believe that they shouldn't carry any weapons. If you pull a gun, you intend to use it, and a gun should not be used in every occasion, so obviously the use of the taser is safer than having a gun pulled on you. Their protocol should change, because it states, when all lessor means have failed you should use the gun, and they don't use pepper spray first, but then it applies to the situation. I hate when a gun is pulled on me, and I don't think anybody else does. The frequently take things to the extreme, and do not use the lessor, so like I said they need to change protocol.

  • Tasers are safer than guns.

    Tasers should not be banned.They are already in use and are a safer alertintave than guns. If the suspect was out of control the best way to get them in hand cuffs would be a taser.Tasers are not intentionally made for killing they are a subsituite and are less harmful than guns.

  • Would you rather be shot?

    Police have two main, reasonable ways of defending themselves from potentially dangerous criminals. A taser, or a gun. So, would you rather be shot? When shooting, they must aim for center mass, which more often than not will result in a fatal wound. Really, if you haven't done anything wrong, you won't need to worry about it.

  • Would you rather be shot?

    There are some people who need to be tased. They pose a threat to the people around them and the only other option to a dangerous person than being tased is being shot, and everyone knows how people react when that happens. Although there is the potential of death, tasing a dangerous person is the best alternative to shooting.

  • If you get the teasers use on you

    If you get the teasers use on you you can have a bad stork, died, pass out for 2 hours, and cops can use it more then on time so you may just died by it. Why the sock and died but if the can not you well not died. By minecrafter tracey01 on youtube

  • Because because because

    Because it should be allowed
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  • Tasars Terror to Criminals

    Tasars are needed to uphold the fear that criminals feel of police because that fear often lessens the scale of crimes (such as resisting arrest). Police need to have sufficient means to deal with lawlessness, and to reduce their power now would be stupid and make the whole entire law system look bad because it is weakening itself to accommodate the people who don't like government regulations and controls. Police need control in order to keep control, and those of us who act and behave as normal citizens and respect the police don't need to fear tasers. We should be thankful for tasers because they take a whole lot less lives than guns do, and generally the victims are unharmed at the end of it all.

  • Tasers save lives

    A lot of people say that tasers used by law inforcement could cause deaths by heart failures. I totally agree with those statements. People who have had weak hearts or were on dangerouse drugs have died after they were tased. The fact is a taser is way less leathal than a gun. A bullet is way more leathal and destructive to your body than being tased. If anything tasers have saved the lives of people who would have otherwise been shot and killed by the police. If tasers are eliminated in law inforcement there is going to be an increase in suspect fatalities.

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