Should the use of the word "retarded" be banned?

Asked by: ALittleLiberal
  • It is a rude statement

    Up to 3% of the world's population have intellectual disabilities, which is almost 200 million people around the world. Over 60% of people still believe that people with intellectual disabilities should be segregated in schools and at work. Young Americans, especially men, find using the word 'retard' acceptable for many when used to tease friends, not in reference to people with a clear intellectual disability. This is all unacceptable. Calling someone 'retarded' or a 'retard' is just ridiculous and a rude statement. No one should be calling someone who even has a mental disability a name. You can call them by the name they were assigned at birth, not some horrible name you think is funny.

  • Yes and no

    No because freedom of speech and I don't expect anyone to enforce this.

    Yes because it is hate speech, people should try to refrain themselves from using the word. Especially because;

    a) it's not a medical term, by definition it is a form of abuse referring to the mentally disabled.

    B) the excuse "it makes a really good sarcastic insult" is just vile and unintelligent. If you so desperately need to insult someone that badly at least have the decency and intelligence to come up with a more fit insult rather than using the misfortunes of the mentally disabled at your expense in your cruel "jokes".

    C) it's obviously not a joke because jokes are defined as something that "causes amusement or laughter", and that's just not funny. Especially to the people who suffer the hardships of being mentally disabled. After all since you obviously don't understand the struggles of the mentally disabled then I can assume you have a perfectly abled mind, and so there is no excuse for not being able to come up with a decent punchline.
    If you aspire to become a comedian, but this is your definition of comedy, I suggest that you give up now.

    D) instead of claiming that people should learn to "take a joke" why don't you first learn how to create a decent, funny joke. I can't take a joke if it's not even funny in the first place.

    E) it's mostly just ignorance, people who think mental disability is even remotely funny have the privilege of being mentally abled and so have what it's like to experience, or even have someone in your care experience mental disability. I'm sure the majority of people who have knowledge of the struggles and hardships these people face do not use the word lightly and throw it around like an "insult" you all claim it to be.

    F) when you use it as an insult you are ultimately stimulating a correlation between the undesirable characteristics of a potentially mentally able person to mental disability, meaning that you are relating a tainted nature to mentally disabled people, who are not inherently bad at all.

  • It's used offensively.

    The way people use it is meant to insult someone. It is no longer used as medical terminology, but instead it is used as the equivalent of "stupid". That ultimately degrades self esteem. People who have a mental disability or who know someone with a mental disability take this word offensively.

  • No practical way.

    I don't see any way that could possibly be enforced and it would cheapen the victory anyway. It would be better to see the world choose to cease the use of an offensive word because they have consciously chosen to take a higher moral path rather than see it forced through some sort of ban. The negative ideas would still be there and they would simply find an alternate expression.

  • It doesn’t matter

    All retarded people should be exterminated because there retarded. It shouldn’t matter if we ban the word because they don’t know what it means. Only non-retarded people get offended and it’s not there business. Everyone needs to calm down and suck a juicy pee pee, Maybe people will stop being triggered.

  • They don’t know

    All the retards have no clue what the word means. They are so dumb that they can’t think and they don’t have feelings. There parents are the only people who are offended and if they are so mad about all of this than they should have pulled out. Thank you

  • No, because some people are retarded and it's a sound that you can't ban.

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  • It would be retarded to ban the word "retarded"

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH, RETARDS! I'm sick of this mass political correctness that's sweeping our nation. These mentally retarded millennials need to get a backbone. A lot of people say "retarded". Stop getting offended so much. I've said retarded ever since I was 9. STOP BEING WHINY IMBECILES OOPS I MEAN RETARDS

  • Hello my dudes

    What the hell. Do you really thin kthat you can enforce this? Even then, it's a pretty accurate scientific term, and makes for a really good sarcastic insult. "retarded" isn't used to try to be offensive, it's used as a joke insult to try to make people angry, not offend.

  • Free speech is Moral,

    Limitations are not. I have to be able to say: You're a douchebag. I'll suffer consquences: you beating me up. The law says if I say bad words I'll go to jail for months! Jail makes some people more inapt to commit crimes. I want free speech, don't ban free speech, or the government will one day make us unable to communicate and we'll all be their slaves.

  • Not because I do not like political correctness

    The word "retarded" is the scientific word, whether he likes it or not.
    By stupid political correctness, constantly we invent "the wheel" again, because thou hast social group data word, do not like, and I do not care.

    I myself can be regarded as a "retarded" because the band suffers from Asperger's, I have a 100 IQ but I would prefer to have more :-)

    In my view, every word can be used as an insult, it just depends on the context in which it is used.

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