• Not based on speech but spam.

    He has been spamming the polls and opinions sections with useless questions. He is trying to be edgy and offensive but ends up just being boring and repetitive which leads to the washing out of meaningful polls and opinions. I do not want him banned for the substance of his questions, but rather the needless spam of them.

  • Madness has all the right to say what he wants

    I don't like what he is saying, but he is not breaking any laws or causing any physical danger. Madness has all the right to say whatever he likes, to ban him because of what he is saying is in direct violation of the 1st amendment, and something nobody has the right to do.

  • Opinions no matter how ridiculous shouldn't be silence unless posing a viable threat.

    I am familiar with the user you are speaking of and I assume you are making this opinion based on his response to a opinion question regarding African American men. Now the things that madness said were appalling but to ban this user for his opinions so long as he is not threatening other users would be irrational.

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