Should the USFG adopt a merit-based immigration policy?

Asked by: Galagalagalaga
  • No more cheap laborers

    If you come from another country you must have a set of useful skills such as doctors and tech people as well as builders architects and scientists we do not need any more immigrants picking lettuce we have enough poor white black and brown American citizens already on welfare who should be picking lettuce not only should immagrants be based on merit but they all need to be heavily vetted drug screened learn English fluently heath exams we don’t want people with illness religious screenings we don’t want radicals we don’t want your hunger and poor we have enough hungry and poor of our own we need to take care of when there is no more starving children in America and no more homeless American citizens and every American citizen is thriving and we have solved our own problems then maybe we should help the other poor nations and allow people in our borders until then I say close em up

  • The USFG should definitely adopt this policy

    Donald Trump is already pushing all kinds of new immigration laws. Why not just adopt the merit-based system? The US could benefit and keep a safe record, as well as push others in other countries to boost their education. Our economy could receive a huge benefit from this, adding much more smart people to benefit our economy. If we don't do this, who knows what kinds of benefits we're missing out on?

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