• Yes, all drugs should be legalized

    I have the right to do whatever I want to my own body, if it kills me slowly, happy for me. Illegal drugs cure boredom with little to no side effect if used as directed. There's a reason why life is temporary, it gets tedious after a while. . .

  • I assume USFG = United States Federal Government? The states would still have the power to make any drug illegal or legal in their state.

    I think they should make drugs legal. I think there should be some form of regulation on the sellers, to ensure the ingredients on the label are what they say they are, labels include warnings/risks, and have a minimum age requirement for the purchaser (18 or 21).

    I think treatment, education, and freedom of choice would be a lot more beneficial than incarceration, intolerance, and prohibition.

    Obviously, there would be restrictions on anything airborne, to non-public areas (private property could make their own choice).

  • We should ban drugs

    Not like Fire_wings, I will give a very short one.

    I think that we should ban drugs because they are certainly bad, they destroy your health, they hurt others who do not use drugs, some people illegally use drugs, which must be stopped, like cocaine and heroine. I believe that drugs should be illegal because it merely hurts people.

  • We should ban this.

    This shows that secondhand impacts are bad. 5.6 children in the US, died because of secondhand smoke, as related to the status quo. This is a lot of people, and is only children! That means, probably there will be a lot more secondhand smoke dead people who are adults. This rebuts Pro's liberty argument which was that the liberty on choices, as long as their are no people else. My argument rebuts Pro's argument which was about the liberty act of not harming anyone else. I rebut this by showing that there is secondhand impacts from smoking, and many other drugs. Marijuana is also another drug, and this is like smoking, so then, there will be a lot of secondhand impacts from this too. That all means these innocent people who don't use drugs, they are dying because of these drugs.

    Okay, the economic failure is very huge if we legalize all drugs. Because of the many deaths from drugs, there is a lot of money wasted from the economy, because of less humans. The economy fails if we legalize drugs, so that means that we should ban drugs because the economy will fail pretty badly of we legalize drugs, because of the amount of people get less, need to pay healthcare bills. The economy fails, the country gets worse, and the government will have less money when you legalize drugs. There will be less people because more dead by the health issues of drugs.
    Your lungs seriously get harmed by drugs. All the bad chemicals and the things in drugs make your lungs bad. Smoking makes your lungs bad, as many of you know that the air when you smoke is all pollution, and you basically really breathe in a lot of pollution, making your lungs bad. Smoking is a drug, and so is marijuana. They both harm your lungs. Your lungs do a important job for you. Your lungs make you breathe. However, if you use drugs or smoke, use marijuana, you will have lung cancer.

    What is lung cancer anyways? Lung Cancer is when your lungs are really in bad condition, and you can't breathe. How much this was in smoking? Between 2005-2010, there was 130659 amount of people dead by lung cancer, only smokers. By second-hand impact, however, there was 7330 people who had lung cancer in one year by secondhand impact by smoking. This is a lot of people who died by lung cancer. Your lung makes you breathe, and drugs cause your lungs to be worse, giving no good things to legalize drugs.

    Is there just one drug? No! That means that there is way more people who died from lung cancer by other drugs. There is marijuana, and many other drugs in the whole world, not just one drug. This means that there will be a lot more drugs where you get lung cancer, and then you will have bad health, die from can't breathe.

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