• The market can handle it better

    FedEx and UPS do just fine with packages and with more efficiency than the USPS. When you think about it, as a public service, the USPS has little incentive to actually provide these services efficiently and accurately. Also, some cite the need for a 'netural' national, government-operated mail carrier to 'impartially' deliver mail to every address. First of all, in the age of the internet, email, faxing, etc. this is already much less necessary. The UPS and FedEx ship to plenty of places and a private mail service would potentially lose a large portion of revenue if they ignored rural addresses I believe.

  • Yes, I think the USPS should be run by private companies.

    The US Postal Services operates continuously with losses and declining revenues, it has become to bloated and inefficient while the competitors like FedEx and UPS have stolen much of the business away from them, I think a private company could easily take over and make the service overall more efficient and profitable again.

  • Yes, the USPS should be ran by private companies.

    With all the other mail and package delivery services available which are owned by private companies, the USPS should be too. The other companies have shown great efficiency. FedEx and UPS have demonstrated they are more capable of delivering materials than the USPS. The government should no longer regulate the USPS because their process if inefficent.

  • No, there are other private companies

    I am usually one to state that privatization is always best. In this case, I do not see a benefit of the USPS being privatized. There are already companies like UPS and FedEx that are alternatives. Since USPS is the only government-run shipping service left, I think that maybe they should remain that way.

  • The USPS should remain public.

    The USPS does amazing work. People don't believe that because they rarely use it now, but the infrastructure that has been created and maintained by the USPS is phenomenal. There could be some cuts, and things run more efficiently. This is the duty of the bureaucracy. If the USPS wants to remain relevant, they need to address this and remove the doubts that would keep this conversation going.

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