Should the US's education system be drastically changed?

Asked by: jmotto122
  • Yes it does.

    Apparently, as people claim, school is a place to learn. What specifically does that mean though? I would imagine people would say it is to learn skills. The next question is what kind of skills? This is the question that is the root of all educational problems in high school. Many people would claim that the core classes (Math, Science, English, History) should be mandatory. I would agree to an extent. We really only need to learn the basics. For example 2/4 + 2/4 = 1, Wars that had great impact, and basic reading and writing skills.

    Why does someone who wants to go into the Automotive trade need to learn poetry (Why does anyone really NEED to learn this)? Why does someone who wants to be an Electrician need to know about Mussolini and other dictators or how cell division works?

    Some may say the whole point of these classes are to expose you to new ideas and help you discover what you really want to do in life. I guess that means you can only determine if you like something or not after studying it for about 18 weeks. I'm kidding though. It's ridiculous how much of a waste of time school is.

    "But there are electives that can teach students what they want to learn"

    Electives are something I support, my problem however is core classes waste so much time. I'm about to use my 12 years of math (because 12 years is required in order to do this kind of rocket-science-tier-math) to give you an example of how much time is wasted.

    50 minutes each day for 4 core classes requires 200 minutes a day. 200 minutes times 5 days in a week is 1000 minutes of learning core class material in 1 week. 36 school weeks times 1000 minutes of learning is 36000 minutes of learning core classes for 1 school year. 12 years times 36000 minutes is 432,000 minutes of learning core classes for k-12. That comes out to about 7200 hours of learning core classes in an individual's life if they participate in the k-12 educational system. Probably subtract about 1500 for breaks (being really generous aka cbf actually calculating breaks). That's 5700 hours of learning core classes which means if someone was to try and learn all that the k-12 core classes have to offer it would take 7.8 months of nonstop learning.

    I acknowledge that you don't have to take all the core classes all 4 years of high school so subtract hours from my total as you please. I only did this to give you a general idea of how much a person would waste.

    The thing that tops everything off, and which thoroughly annoys me, is that if you actually aren't going into the field of the class you studied you will forget all that information which literally makes the time you spent wasted.

  • Schools need to be more fun than educational.

    I don't like how schools force you to take classes that you don't want to take. If I want to become a Video Game Designer when I grow up then I shouldn't be learning about who invented the first car. Give the power to the students instead of principals that sit in their office all day not doing anything useful. There should be free school lunch. Bigger portions, and no more healthy food/snacks. It's not anyone else's decision to decide what students should eat. If I want to be skinny then I will. If I choose to be fat then I will. Next, no more advanced classes. I'm tired of learning the same thing as grade level classes but doing more unessary work. Summer reading has to go. There should be 100 days of school, longer breaks, and every school should start and end at the same time. No more exams, stop flunking people, and no more Indoor School Suspension. What's the point of me being in iss, i might as well be in class. There should only be 3 core classes- Math, science, and History. English isn't even English it's reading class. English isn't necessary. Math, Science, History, and Gym should be the only classes you need to take.

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