• How many are there?!

    Can anyone answer the question of how many child abuseing priest, cardinals are the Vatican hiding/ sheltering?
    Also can anyone answer the question of how many people that have assisted in hiding child abuse are the Vatican are hiding?

    None of these people should be subject to protection by the Vatican when they are some of the worst kinds of people on earth.

    Remove the vatican's protected status as an individual state, abolish their laws and bring court action against those who are accused. There is no place for child abuse in society and it certainly shouldn't be covered up by a fony religion that prays to mythical gods to try and explain some sort of possibility of an afterlife.

  • Yes for several reasons.

    The first reason I say yes is because it is the moral and ethical thing to do, and is also required by the law (at least I think so). It is a smart move in regards to minting followers as well because many people may move away from the Vatican and Catholicism if they are associated with child abuse and appear to condone it through not punishing those responsible accordingly. Finally child abuse is against the Catholic belief and those who commit it should be punished (they are not above the law in any case, regardless of their religion).

  • Down with the Pope

    They should report all abusers, not just fire. Its critical that they should, its an illegal activity that needs to get stopped. Its determined to be illegal for a reason, and just because they are a church does not allow them to not be subject to the law. God is not an excuse to do what you want, and it should not be tolerated by Catholics and the Vatican.

  • I think that the Vatican should fire all child abusers and report them to the police.

    I think that the Vatican should fire all child abusers and
    report them to the police. Why would
    they not do this? By not doing this,
    they are supporting and condoning child molestation. They should be charged as accessories to the
    crime. This is disgusting because they
    claim to represent God.

  • Yes it is against the law

    The Vatican should definitely take a stand against any child abuse. If they know anyone who has committed any form of child abuse they should be fired immediately and repoted. This is the right thing to do both in a religion sense as well as legally. Other wise they are breaking the law.

  • Yes, they should be reported.

    The Catholic church has had a bad rap lately for being quiet about Catholic leaders who have been suspected of child abuse. Their silence has been noted, and it seems pretty much everyone is in agreement that no one should be exempt from charges of child abuse. The church needs to realize that children's safety is more important than their reputation, and that there are correct channels to go through when abuse is suspected.

  • Vatican Needs to Handle Chilb Abusers

    Without a doubt, the Vatican needs to report child abusers to the police. The Vatican shouldn't protect these individuals and allow them to keep working on the premises. They should be fired immediately and taken into police custody. The Vatican needs to stop protecting these criminals at each and every corner.

  • They should fire child abusers and report them.

    Yes, the Vatican should fire all of the child abusers working for them, whether they be priests or just regular employees and then report them to the police. There should be no haven for anyone who would harm a child within the organizational structure of any group, especially not a church.

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