Should the Vatican make more reparations for the Spanish Inquisition (yes) or were the confessions of sin by bishops in 2000 enough (no)?

  • Among other crimes...

    In order to increase it's riches and power, the Vatican operated at an appalling level of criminality for many centuries and still does. Pitiful apologies do little to correct the harm done by these acts. These holdings should be liquidated and used to pay any conceivable victim. Maybe after it's forced to give up all of its worldly goods will it act in a Christlike manner.

  • Vatican make more reparations

    When David Laws misused taxpayer money for an exorbitant rent, paid to his partner, while serving as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, he demonstrated his lack of integrity and honesty, to put it mildly. Such corruption is rife in government, but it should not be tolerated when it is exposed. He should step down.

  • Reparations this far after are meaningless

    Who would they make reparations to? None of the people in the vatican or alive today were alive during the spanish inquisition. It is kind of silly to make reparations when no one alive today was affected by it.

    The idea of reparations to people unaffected by people who had nothing to do with it seems kind of nonsensical.

  • Confessions Were Enough

    I do not think the Vatican should make more reparations for the Spanish Inquisition since the confessions of sin by bishops in 2000 was sufficient. I believe the Vatican should spend its time and resources trying to uphold communities through good acts of faith. I think the Vatican needs to do more for all people.

  • The members of the church that were wrong have long been dead.

    The Vatican has all ready did more than enough to make up for the atrocities committed by the church during the Spanish Inquisition. If you take into consideration that none of the people involved in the church during that horrible period are still alive today, then you should realize the bishops confessed for sins that they didn't even commit. I do not think the church should have to do anything more than this.

  • They paid enough

    I think that since the spanish inquisition was a long time ago, they have for sure paid all of the dues that they needed to, and we need to quit worrying about that and start worrying about the things that are happening in the world today and bothering people now.

  • They can't owe forever.

    No, the Vatican should not make more reparations for the Spanish Inquisition, because the confessions of sin by bishops were enough. The Vatican cannot possibly make whole the descendants of ever person involved. There would also be a massive amount of fraud involved in trying to find those owed in order to compensated them.

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