• Heck yes it should.

    The president isn't necessarily the smartest human in the country. Why should he have the power to veto bills that the majority of the country may support? It isn't fair for one person to have so much say on the future of our country. The congress should just vote on bills and that's that.

  • We demand equality!

    Veto power rests with the super five countries- China, Russian Federation, the United States, France and the United Kingdom. If one of the super 5 declines a resolution thumbs-upped by the other 195 countries, then the resolution won't be passed. How democratic do you think is that? I personally strongly believe that, the status of a country shouldn't be marked on the contribution to the UN, but it should be based on equality. Every country should be regarded equal. Even African countries.

  • Equality In Opinion

    In the modern age, when most of the nations are democratic, the veto power of the permanent members of the security council of the UN is simply not democratic. Simply because they are more influential than the other nations does not mean that they be given a special power, which can ultimately lead to changes in world history. Since the temporary members are elected into the council, it would be only 100% fair if all permanent members are also elected by the general assembly, that would be a long way off, at least the veto power should be abolished to even up the odds...

  • It many a times works against humanity

    Depend upon the decision of all the 5 countries and isuue closes down if even 1 doesnt support
    hence not always in favour of the situation . It can many a times even lead to conflicts between the treaty countries and hence should be abolished as soon a s possible

  • Checks and Balances

    We must not allow one branch of our goverment over power the others. This is in the framework of our Consiution. This power helped pass the Conustion. We must keep the Goverment in check and balnced against to much power. The people deserve the power not just the wealthy. -JD

  • Without it one branch runs roughshod over the nation.

    The entire purpose of veto power is to add a layer of checks and balances to the political process, so that one single branch of government can never grow too powerful and run rampant over the others or the will of the people. To eliminate it would be irresponsible to say the least.

  • Checks and Balances

    In our government we have a system of checks and balances...If we take away a balance, we'd have to take away a check, and then we'd have to constantly rewrite our entire system. The Veto system works best, because we ELECT an official, based off of what we want, to perform the task of doing such things. And if they are doing that, then we should respect his or her opinion.

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