• Yes, they took Greg Jennings to replace him.

    Percy Harvin, is obviously a great football player, however he has had many injuries and was not working out for Vikings management. The Vikings have been struggling especially on offense and in the WR area. However, with the recent pick-up of Greg Jennings, I believe it was a good choice to cut Harvin to get money to spend on free agents and such. You do not need lots of money to get a good football player, and if you are going to have an all-star, get one that is not constantly hurt.

  • Yes, but they should have gotten more in return.

    Percy Harvin is a great football player. But when you are becoming a cancer to your team or your employers, then change needs to happen. Percy Harvin was not working out very well for the Viking management so they did what any good employer does and got rid of the problem by trading it. Football is a business and business is good if you win.

  • No, the Vikings should not have traded Percy Harvin.

    No, I believe that the Vikings should not have traded Percy Harvin. Although many people are praising the trade, the truth of the matter is that the Vikings got the short end of the stick. Percy Harvin is one of the NFL's top players, and the Seahawks have absolutely come out ahead on this trade, as the Vikings did not get any spectacular talent in this trade.

  • No, definitely not

    They should not have traded Percy Harvin. He was one of the best offensive options the team had, and perhaps the best wide receiver on the team. Not sure what the Vikings were thinking here, but it has left me scratching my head. Maybe there was a problem between he and the team internally.

  • No They Shouldn't Have

    The Vikings were wrong for trading Harvin. Harvin was a very good wide receiver and the second best offensive option they had on that team. Their offense already struggled, but now it is going to be absolutely terrible. The only threat they have now is their run game. They will miss him.

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