• The volume of motorcycle exhausts

    The volume of motorcycle exhausts should be legally restricted just because you do not know how much of a chemical is being put into the air. If you are around that type of chemical and it is a health and safty hazard then you have to have limits to protect people around you.

  • Yes, they are annoying

    I think they are outrageous and should be pushed to the side. I see no need for the whole world to know that your driving a motorcycle. The laws that should be put in place to keep these under a certain noise level should be much stricter,they are so annoying.

  • A motorcyle is still a motor vehicle

    Many states have laws regarding the emission levels of motor vehicles. By definition a motorcycle is a motor vehicle and should therefore not be exempt from these exhaust laws. A motorcycle may put out less exhaust, but that exhaust impact is just as harmful to the environment as the same amount from a car.

  • These exhausts are dangerous and should be reduced.

    The volume of motorcycle exhausts should be legally restricted. This is because the gases are dangerous to the environment, people, animals, and plants. If we don't reduce dangerous exhaust the state of the environment will simply worsen. The government should create restrictions alongside the motorcycle industry so they work un unison.

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