• As things stand

    The age you can marry is 16, the age of consent is 16, you can leave school at 16, you could technically be a married, working couple with a kid at sixteen and still not be able to have a say in the policies which effect you. I think if the government can ask you to pay taxes from your wages then you should also be able to vote for the government which decides these taxes.
    In the Scottish Independence referendum, the voting age was sixteen, and I felt that this made young people, whether they were over 16 or not, more engaged in politics as people were discussing it and having proper intelligent conversations about it at school. When the voting age was 18 politics was very much an out-of-reach adult thing which didn't concern us.
    I don't, however, believe that the voting age should be lower than 16, as a certain level of maturity has to be involved when voting.

  • They are muture

    I am a kid and I want to vote. We are people too. Were not just kids we can do something be one day. I care about what happens to my country and my state. We need to vote. I love America and I know so does every other kid who lives here so lower it for america.

  • No Definitely not

    I think minors should have an Election Day right before the adults Election Day in which they could express their opinion and become familiar with the voting process.
    But I think they are to youngand immature and easily manipulated to have a positive influence on America .
    Please reply
    I would live to know what everyone thinks of my opinion :)

  • If anything I think it should be higher than 18.

    I think that a citizen should be out in the world on their own for a couple years at least, and get a feel for what the world is really like before they get a chance to weigh in on decisions that could change the world. I don't think it would hurt to follow the swiss model either, and force everyone to serve at least one year in the military. They have basically militarized their whole nation, talk about security against an invasion!

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