• It should be

    When kids enter their teenage years, they start to mature and wonder more about things. Reality starts to hit them. They become more and more curious about what goes on in the world. I know that when I was 13, I wanted to vote so badly. I researched the candidates and knew all about them. And it wasn't just me. Kids around me wanted to vote too. Sometimes in class, we would start debates about who would be the best president. We knew what party we were and everything. I understand that some kids would do it as a joke, but I personally think more kids would take it seriously. What do you guys think?

  • Yes i think that voting should be lowered

    I think that voting should be lowered to 13 so 13 year old have a say . At 13 your a teenager so u should be able to vote . 13 year olds are old enough to have a say in what is happening . Maybe they shouldnt get to say things that efferct are country but they should be able to have a say in what is happening in the commituty .

  • Yes they should They are people too like you and me.

    The twenty sixth amendment of the U.S. constitution states that “The right of citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of age.”This is pretty much saying that you must be 18 or older to vote, but will the voting age ever be lowered?The minimum to vote is 18 and it has been that way for a long time, its time for a change.The age to vote should be lowered to 13 years and older.First 13 should be the voting age because being 18 doesn’t necessarily mean that you're mature, it just means that the person is almost all grown up. Also when a person grows up they’re brain actually shrinks believe it or not,But at the age of thirteen our brain is 3/4 of the way done being grown.

  • I am 13 and i want to vote

    We should be able to vote even though you are not considered an adult. We should be able to elect who we want to be our president and not just let adults decide it because it is unfair if we don't argue with the ideas of the new president we should have a saying of who to vote for for yourself,

  • It would be a great experience for young teens to participate take apart in voting at a young age as 13 and up

    Most adults complain about their kids not knowing whats going on with how the government runs! By teens voting now they are learning, so that when they grow up already voting, then they won't misunderstand! Young teenagers are smart and have great opinions, so their decisions they make will help!

  • It should be

    I think that the voting age should be reduced because its more about the maturity in society and maturity is definitely not something you can achieve at the age of 18. You guys do have a point saying that 13 year olds brain isn't fully developed but then again there are some 13 year old geniuses that can handle the responsibility unless you go up to every 13 year old you can not say for sure. And also 13 year olds are a part of society and i think having the generation before them do all the voting just isn't right. Since there a part of society they have all rights to vote.

  • It should be

    This is because 13 year old sure there young but they just as well want whats good for our country. Just because of our age there are many smart people that are of the age 13. Not everyone is gonna be stupid about voting. Just because were younger than other people doesn't mean we shouldn't vote were smart even smarted them a lot of adults. Did i mention i was 13 no i probably forgot that. To all the people who actually read this i have thought of both sides for hours and it wouldn't be a bad thing for 13 year old to vote because not vote is wrong and one person doesn't decide everything adult are still going to vote to.

  • I do not voting age should be lowered.

    Many thirteen year old kids do not have a clear grasp on politics. Even though some 13 year old kids may understand and want to get involved it is probably not the majority of them. Also thirteen year old kids are very easily influenced and may not look everything A certain candidate has to offer. Half the people that agree it should be lowered are 13 themselves and can't even spell correctly.

  • We are just as worthy. Plus it's like there taking away part of our freedom.

    Our president and founding fathers all worked very hard to make this a free country, and what are we doing, we are taking away those freedom rights slowly. If we keep this up soon we will all be being controlled. And that's NOT cool.That is my reasoning for this statement. Thank you.

  • We are just as worthy. Plus it's like there taking away part of our freedom.

    Our president and founding fathers all worked very hard to make this a free country, and what are we doing, we are taking away those freedom rights slowly. If we keep this up soon we will all be being controlled. And that's NOT cool.That is my reasoning for this statement. Thank you.

  • No they should not be able to vote

    I personally think 13 year olds should not be able to vote. I am thirteen myself, and know for a fact that I would not be able to make the right decision. Voting is a big deal, it predicts our future president and many people can be influenced by the wrong things such as appearance or race, which is unfair. I just don't think 13 year olds would have the brains to make the right decision on their own.

  • No they shouldn't

    They should not vote because it may just backfire then you pick the wrong person then we have a bad president or something. Also teens might be stupid enough to pick a bad person or something. Also you might just do do something very stupid. Also they might just pick the one who looks the coolest.

  • No it should not

    13-year-olds are impulsive, immature, and heavily influenced by those around them, especially adults. I was once 13 and I thought I knew everything about life, but now look back and realize how dumb I was. They cannot cast an independently made decision nor foresee the long-term impact of their word.

  • Children really don't know what they want!

    As a child myself, i would just go for the guy that looks the coolest or something like that. But that's not politically correct. It would be dumb for a child to vote at this age. Either way children wouldn't know who to vote for but they would vote for whoever their friends vote for.

  • You may have a point.

    I understand your argument, however it just does not make sense to have the majority of immature thirteen year old kids to make life changing decisions on who their leaders will be. Even though there are thirteen year old geniuses you have to think about the majority of thirteen year old people..

  • No it shouldn't

    Were just in middle school. Were too young and I have not a clue about what politics are. I think the government is so stupid. 18 is a perfect age to vote it means were now mature and grown up. Personally I'm not going to vote that's too much work and I don't what the government is. SARAH WAS HERE

  • There shouldn't be a voting age.

    Age is an arbitrary, illogical way of determining whether or not somebody should be allowed to vote. I would rather have a mature, intelligent and politically knowledgeable 16 year old vote rather than a completely ignorant, dumb person who turned 18 before the election or some uninformed 35 year old. We should require people to take tests prior to registration to determine their judgment. Some 12 year olds are easily influenced by their parents saying "Obama is better than Romney" but some aren't. We should have some flexibility in the system to distinguish the two.

    Posted by: luvx
  • No it shouldn't

    I'm 12 about to be 13 and even I know im not mature enough to handle all the pressure. I might vote for whoever my parents or friends vote for. It just cant happen because or brains haven't developed at much. I don't know anything about Politics. I just know I love Obama

  • 13-Year-Olds have little-to-no Autonomy

    Just because someone wants to do something is not justification for their right to be able to do it.

    Children at the age of 13 are too heavily influenced by their parents to vote objectively. Parents could literally force their kids to vote in a certain way with no legal repercussions.

    Children at the age of 13 are often not morally developed enough to think beyond themselves (Or the next Justin Bieber album).

    Children at the age of 13 also don't have the necessary state-issued identification to vote under new voting laws. Requiring the issuing of an additional state-IDs to allow 13-year-olds to vote would come at a significant cost, but at no benefit to democracy.

  • I don't think people at 13 yrs old are mature enough!

    You are in the middle of middle school, and you for sure don't know EVERYTHING about politics. I am 15, and I barely know about politics. I think that it should be changed to 20 because I feel at 20, you are slightly more mature then you were at 18.

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Quan says2014-01-08T21:12:57.733
I can definitely see some sense in a lower voting age. It may make our nation's youth more politically informed, for starters. It also gives them a say in policies that will directly affect them in the near future. For example, my generation would have been given an opportunity to vote against policies that drastically inflated our higher education costs and reduced the value of college degrees. Instead we were forced to take on crippling student loan debt to attend what has effectively become a mere extension of high school. That debt will cripple us for life no matter how we vote.
Quan says2014-01-08T21:17:17.553
The downside is that children are still very much under the control of their parents, so in practice it may just give parents additional votes.
PurpleMayoKing says2015-01-28T14:56:36.537
I think everyone should be able to vote. It's not fair that my mayo can't vote. They cry to me all day about how they're men from hell. I keep telling them that they are not Hellman's. They don't believe me. I keep telling them they're Kraft. They really want to vote. Mayonnaise, unite!