• Maturity in teens

    I think that 16 year old should be able to vote because some kids at my school are the most smart peaple i no. Some kids that i now will make the best choices that anyone will make because sometimes older peaple sometimes dont no what voting is about. And some kids no what is voting, president and secritary

  • They should be able to vote

    In America there’s always a lot of talk about how 16 years olds are too young and immature to vote. “Since the national voting age was lowered to 18 in 1971, the voting rate among 18-to-24 years old has dropped fairly steadily . In the 200 election, 42 percent of young adults voted, compared with 70 percent of those older than 25”.This was said by Shin, Annys. Seeing how a vast majority of 16 year olds are, or have been enrolled in a government class, I would say they are knowledgeable in the field of politics. According to surveys, voting age adults between the ages of 30-45 have less of an understanding of our political system than an immigrant taking the naturalization test. Allowing teens to vote allows them to have say in their future. Also, doesn't the charter of freedom and rights state that no one should be judged because of their age. Teens have better access to media, internet and television than most elders which can help them make the right choice. Teens have the civic duties as older voters. They pay taxes, and they have to abide by the laws.Being a teenager doesn't mean you are less intelligent than an old person. In fact, the human brain actually starts to shrink in old age

  • EH, These teenagers are mature asf.

    My name is jack and i`m 26, I strongly believe that the voting age should be reduced to 16. The maturity level in teenagers are slowly rising and i think that they should be able to vote. I have a son who is 15 and i think he is pretty mature for his age, i wouldent mind him voting next year

  • Over The Years & Ages

    Letting a 16 year old vote is a very wise idea. We had to go through so many things to let African Americans vote & Women vote. It even took awhile for 18-year-old people to vote. Let's not waste anymore time & lower it! Heck, it should be lowered to 14-year-old people can.
    Age 13: Become a teenager
    Age 14: Able to vote
    Age 16: Able to drive with parent in passenger seat
    Age 18: Able to drive alone
    Age 21: Able to drink
    Age 16: Able to vote & Able to drive with parent in passenger seat
    Age 18: Able to drive alone
    Age 21: Able to drink

  • They should because

    Dropout rates of students have decreased since the 90's, teenagers are responsible for a lot more than past generations, not to mention that at age 17, they, with parental consent can join military forces, they have jobs, donate blood, can drive a car with a license and pay state taxes, federal taxes, and more. Its a bias, naïve statement to classify an age of kids as unprepared for something. Of course you have ups and downs to everything in life, same for but you can't generalize all of them. Trust me, I debate

  • Teens are the FUTURE and they should have a say in theirs!

    Teens are the future, they are directly in the line of fire for things like paying taxes etc. Teens are able to drive at 16, (that decision puts more people are risk than who and what they vote for) so they should be able to vote, especially if it something that is going to affect them directly.

  • Most dont Care

    Most 16 year olds dont really care about voting. And the ones that do are either mature or know there stuff about politics. We are not imature stupid idiots roaming around the streets looking for another shot of beer... Some of us actually care, and should anyway be allowed to vote.

  • I have counter-arguments

    Everyone on that side -> is saying how teenagers don't care about politics; that isn't quite relevant. Really the only reason that today's teens aren't interested in the nation's government (assuming that they are, in fact, disinterested) is because they have no reason to be: We don't let them vote, so they don't bother to think about who they would vote for. As far as the 5% figure goes, this is completely wrong. Look at Scotland. In their recent Independence vote, 16 year-olds were allowed to vote; they had one of the higher voter turnouts for the whole country. As to the assertion by many that teens would only vote for whomever their friends were voting for, and thus turn the presidency into a popularity contest, what do you think it is now? You can't sidestep the fact that society will always influence everyone involved in it. I personally believe that due to their stubbornness and drive for independence, teens would be even more likely to decide for themselves than many 40 year-olds.

  • Yes! Teens are awesome!

    All the other comments on the no side are very offensive. They make teens look like they don't know what they are doing but many forget that they were teenagers too. Not all of us are idiots, some of us actually care about our country and want things to progress.

  • Social Media has

    Caused a lot of teens to become interested in politics and civics. According to Business Insider, 61% of teenagers with political blogs or accounts are of the ages 14 to 16. These teenagers all have strong ideas and arguments as to why they believe what they do. They keep it professional and mature.
    Social media creates a fun, interactive environment for these teenagers too. There are articles online stating that teenagers are taking charge of the online political world (Huffington Post) and that social media is running politics (Politico Magazine). Put these together and, bam! Teenagers on social media are running the political world. They should be able to do it in real life if they want to.

  • Teenagers Are idiots

    Guess how many parents made their children go and vote last election? Hope you weren't one of them. Teenagers are way too simple minded to have any sort of power in this country. Not to mention how self-absorbed they are, they're more worried about their little high school education. But then again how many of them would actually vote? 5% is my guess. So bringing down the voting age is pointless and not worth it. Because next thing you know Lady Gaga is president with Niki as Vice. So should the voting age be lowered to 16? My answer is; HELL NO!

  • No, we don't need

    Even more clueless people voting. The brain is not fully developed until the age of 25. 16 is far too young for people to fully understand their actions and consequences. Yes, admittedly, age is not everything, but it's a good place to start putting restrictions. The voting age used to be 21, then got dropped down to 18 only because 18 was the military service age.

  • If anything it should be raised.

    Its obvious- teens today are oblivious and ignorant. They know nothing about decision making or politics. They will just elect whoever their friends are electing without any thought put into their decision. As a high school student myself, many of my fellow peers don't know a clue about what is happening in our world right now.

  • We teenagers aren't mature or intelligent

    We teenagers aren't mature enough. We are still living in a house with our parents if we aren't living on the side of the rode. Majority of the teenagers in the world are still at home with your parents or an relative. Teenagers half way don't even know what the politics is.

  • No no no

    Teens do not fallow politics. All they would do is ask there best friend who they are voting for. Most of the time there votes would be for who looks better, or is more popular. Teens are not capable of making the correct and smart decision like a voter who has to pay bills, taxes, insurance, and other expenses that a grown adult would. People under the age of 18 should not vote for the simple reason of YOU DON'T KNOW! Maybe if you payed taxes.

  • I strongly disagree

    Teenagers are very immature and will probably support bad politicians because they don't know any better. In 2012 17% of 10th graders said that they abused marijuana, and many probably lied just so that they could cover up their addiction. So would we really want immature pot heads voting for politicians?

  • No it should not.

    If we allowed immature people to vote, the elections would be swayed by the minds of UN-experienced people, thus giving the elections a portion of opinions given by people who don't really care about the subject. The only good that could come from it would be giving them experience with economics, even though they require more experience to involve themselves at all.

  • Teens Don't Know What They're Doing

    Do you really want to put the politics future in the hands of immature, juvenile teens? Some of you might say, well teens aren't the only ones voting. Well they're still a part of it and their votes do count. From the perspective of being a teen, I know how the youth today think about politics. They want a leader who looks good instead of the promises they make. They want someone who will benefit them and them only. Re-think this issue and ask yourself, is it really worth it, I mean I'm talking crap about my own generation, that should mean something right? Obviously not all teens are like that, but majority are.

  • Teens are Stupid

    Do you really want to put the politics future in the hands of immature, juvenile teens? From the perspective of being a teen, I know how youth thinks about politics. They want a leader who looks good instead of the promises they make. They want someone who will only benefit them and them only. Re-think this issue and ask yourself is it really worth it. I mean I'm talking crap about my generation, that should mean something right?

  • We're dumb as rocks

    I know absolutely nothing about politics or the people leading my society at the moment. I would not take the initiative like most of my classmates to research politics when I don't even take the time to research a simple essay for school. It would increase the amount of first time voters, yes, but it would also increase the amount of impulse voters.

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Anonymous says2013-05-26T20:33:33.413
According to recent findings, human brains aren't fully mature until sometime in their twenties. I would say this might indicate people shouldn't be allowed to vote until they're around 30.
TheInterlang says2013-10-05T01:00:25.497
If brain scanning technology was around in the 1800's, they would have found a way to use it against blacks, women, etc.