Should the voting age be lowered to 16? Why/ why not?

Asked by: amyforknall
  • The voting age should be lowered

    16-year-olds can die for their country in the military, They can drive, They can get married, Consent to medical procedures and legally become parents. Lowering the voting age would also give the government a broader range of opinions, And put issues of the youth into the government. Today's youth should have a say in their future.

  • Not the right mentality.

    The voting age should not be lowered to the age of 16. 16 year olds are inexperienced in life and have no idea how much it means to put in a vote. At this age no teen knows anything about voting. They don't know what is ahead of them when they put in a vote.

  • Two Words social media.

    Logan Paul, Kylie Jenner, All those people target teens and children. I do not expect a 16 year old to read foreign policy or what initiates for fiscal policy.
    No what they are going to do is listen to some song or some 5 minute video on why they should vote.

    Its all the same I want more jobs, I want more money in this sector. I mean even Kenya and Kim Kardashian and Opera are now thinking about running. Its a very serious Job that should not be decided by popularity but by smart people who actually know what they are doing not simple social engineering

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