• Yes yes yes

    Us affirmative team strongly and confidently believe that the voting age should be lowered, It should be lowered because most of those 16 years old teens had goon through puberty which means that their brain is fully grown and is ready for making big choices! It would have been kind of unfair to not give them a chance to vote, Because they are also human, And they are only 2 years younger than 18 years old’s! And that would have been the best time to Educate them about ways of voting, And the responsibility they need to take on when they vote. This is the biggest impact because students will be more mature earlier, Which leads to way less unmatured 16+ teens doing donkey votes when they are older. And that will improve the quality of democracy in Australia!

  • Yes help now

    Pepdog needs your help to help us vote for lowering the age of voting your boi ooh kill um yeet yaaa bubble guppies yeah body help now we need you get some toast fight for our right for our right to vote and paatey oooh baby a triple I'm out

  • Taxation without representation

    Did you know that at the age of 16 you can get a job, and that when you have a job at 16 you are required to pay taxes? Even emancipated minors who are legally considered adults, pay taxes and live on their own even have a job, are not allowed to vote. That is taxation without representation, which if I recall correctly is illegal.

  • Yes, for several reasons.

    Because 16 year olds officially are covered by many areas of law commonly disputed and voted on, such as workers rights and driving, met with the fact that new income may make them liable for taxes, they should be able to vote on the laws and government officials that affect their life greatly.

  • Yes yes ye

    Take the presidential debate of last year compared to the teen choice awards from around the same time. Donald trumo won in the former while hillary won in the latter. I feel like if we lowered the voting age to 16, we would be making things fairer for some future presidential debates.

  • Mr fish says yes

    "blub blub blub" said Mr Fish, staring at the surface of the water. Mr Fish was sad because his son, guppy Fish, was 16 and could not vote. Guppy Fish was also sad because he really wanted to vote for a president other than trump. "Trump is a really bad president, he keeps threatening Kim Jong-un and i feel like he is going to start a very big fight", Guppy Fish explained

  • Our Opinion Matters

    We are people of society. We should have a say in what goes on in our country. Voting at 16 affects the next four years of our lives which are highly important and vital, so we should have a say in what happens during that time period. We should have control over our future in the same way that older citizens already do.

  • Yes, it should

    If you could work at 16, then they can take taxes. If you are paying taxes then you should be allowed to vote. Also, in most states you can drive when you are 16. This shows that responsibility is already put on 16 year olds. Plus they are in school and learn about elections while it is happening.

  • Setting the voting age to 16 can increase teen involvement in the community

    Lowering the voting age to 16 can increase teen involvement in the community causing them to start caring about the community lowering crime rates. Improving the community's safety overall making teens feel like they have the say so or are involved in the community they live. If teens are allowed to work and are allowed to pay taxes out of their check that they work hard for they are considered tax payers and should have the voice to change things as well as.

  • It would push them to achieve later on

    This would push them to achieve in later on life because they will learn to become good citizens in the united states nation. They will learn to be responsible because voting can be a big deal it help decide who will be the presidents turn out in the president election.

  • No the government would have to change the age to be an adult!

    I think that it would be a dumb to because if they did change the age to 16 to vote then they would need to change the age to be an adult and basically take a teen aged person and make them an adult so they would basically take your child away from you!.

  • They are not mature enough.

    The reason I am going to say 16 or 17-year-olds, is because of my sources and because they are getting ready to go into adulthood.
    First, we have to know if 16 or 17-year-olds are at a point where they are mature enough to vote. Minors, according to current laws, are not yet mature enough to take part in consuming alcohol, tobacco products and make other important consent based decisions. In a sense, is voting any different?
    At the age 18, you become an adult, right? So that means you are now moving out, hopefully getting a job and other things like that. You have the right to vote. If kids are under the age of 18, their parents are still in charge of them so if they vote, it would be like their parents getting a second, third, or more votes.
    Some believe young potential voters may be pressured to vote in certain ways due to the political beliefs of their teachers and parents.
    Young people tend to be easily swayed.
    16 or 17-year-olds may not be mature enough to vote. At 16 and 17, teens are just getting access to the car, but they are still not trusted to do things like gamble, consume tobacco, and drink alcohol.
    Young people may not take voting seriously.
    By allowing 16-year-olds to vote, they may vote for someone who will allow the use of an illegal drug or make a bad drug cheaper.

  • No, I disagree

    A majority of teens know very little about politics. All they want is "free education" so they can get into college and make mommy and daddy proud. There are few that know what theyre talking about. But not enough to lower the voting age. In fact, I think we should raise it to 21. That way we have more mature voters.

  • The voting age should be lowered

    The voting age should be loweredthe voting age should be loweredthe voting age should be loweredthe voting age should be loweredthe voting age should be loweredthe voting age should be loweredthe voting age should be loweredthe voting age should be loweredthe voting age should be loweredthe voting age should be loweredthe voting age should be lowered

  • Nope! BAD IDEA...

    Isn't the age 18 enough for America?!? The past elections show why I say no. There are uninformed people who voted for Obama without knowing much..... The human brain matures around age 25 of any human. This is not saying all teens are stupid. I'm just saying they don't truly know enough yet.If we lower the age any lower the age any further than now, we are going to have voters who vote without truly understanding politics or economics, or even voting for the right person in general....

  • No, the voting age shouldn't be lowered.

    I do not think that the voting age should be lowered. I think that the age it is at now is fair. I thik that most people under the age of 18 do not have the maturity to decide on issues that may impace society and politics. That is why the voting age should not be lowered to 16.

  • No, they're not ready

    When I turned 18 and voted for the first time I had no clue who or what I was voting for, I voted simply because I could. It's everyone's right to vote as American citizens however I think voters should show some sort of knowledge about the causes and canidates before they are allowed to make a decision like that.

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