• Are we dumb to you?

    I think the voting age should not be an age but whether or not you are a freshman (highschool). Most people around this age don't live under a rock and were raised by wolves. We know wtf is going on in America and who the best candidates are (according to your views). Also, We have the internet so we can research if we haven't heard of a candidate.

    Posted by: DB2
  • If you don't pay taxes than you don't need to vote.

    For me it all comes down to taxes. Yes young people have opinions on politics and can be just as smart as the adults around them. But they don't give any money to the government. The way how the system is supposed to work is that Americans give money to the government and in return they get to have a say in how that money is spent. It's not a perfect system (before discussing giving teenagers the right to vote how bout we give the taxpaying citizens of Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, And the Northern Mariana Islands the right to vote) but there is an amount of logic behind it. The whole reason we lowered the voting age from 21 to 18 back in the 70s was because men were being drafted to fight in Vietnam and they couldn't vote on candidates who could prevent that from happening. Until teenagers are being drafted or paying taxes than I see no reason why they should be granted the right to vote.

  • No the voting age needs to be moved up not down

    The voting age should not been 16 16 year olds are dumb coming from a 16 year old it should not be 18 there dumb as well or 21 there dumb to instead I think the voting age should be 24 so you’re out on your own for a few years your not living with your mom you more fully understand how thing’s work and can be a better more informed voter

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