• No rational base behind the change.

    I don't find a valid reason to reduce the minimum age for voting. What is the impact that would create if people in the age of 16 and 17 start to vote ? Nothing much. Needing a change is fine, but it's the circumstance that should propel it. I don't see anything of that sort.

  • Kids are more educated now

    Kids are a lot more educated than they were before and some are better than our adults. Kids around the world are getting into politics and voicing their opinion, heck, a 12-year-old ran Trump's Colorado campaign at one point. With kids doing this much, they should be allowed to vote.

  • Young people deserve more

    Not everyone says wisdom comes with age. I mean, kids aren't exactly stupid. And even if the government allowed 16 year olds to vote, that doesn't mean they HAVE to vote. We should all be able to have a say in what happens to our country. If that includes adults, it should include minorities.

  • 16 is a reasonable age

    Voting at a younger can teach children how growing up will be like. They already can drive a car. Some can go to college and some are very smart. They are wise and 16 is not much of a big difference to the age of 18. So lets allow 16 year olds vote!

  • Some 16 year olds are more pationate about politics than some adults.

    Some 16 year olds know more about politics than most adults, although yes there are some immature 16 year olds but some are very pationate and are in the know of what is happening in the world of politics. So why not give them the opportunity to have their say on things that may effect their futures.

  • Uneducated in politics

    Most 16 year olds don't know much about politics. They blindly regurgitate what the media and/or their families and friends have told them. Most do not take the time to research the candidates and make choices unaffected by political bias. Not saying that 18+ year olds don't ever do this, but wisdom usually comes with age.

  • Raise it, if anything.

    People with twice that age do no understand civics, philosophy, morality and all the other areas of critical thought that should guide citizens in how they cast their ballot. The rampant growth of government and the internal fracturing of the country along lines of innate characteristics are the result of conforming to baser instincts untethered by an evolved capacity to reason. Raise it.

  • 16 years old aren't mature enough

    Just looking around my high school, it scares me to think in 2 years the kids around me will be out in public, working and driving. Right now they can't even obey the law, smoke weed and underage drinking. We definitely aren't mature enough and personally most of us aren't by the age of 18. Our future is very grave in our current generation.

  • As stated above

    Full grown adults don't have the mental capacity to understand what it is they're voting for. 16 is more of less right in the middle of the formative years. Young people should take the time to develop who they actually are free from the socialization of their parents, peers, etc. Going back to my initial point, most people are too stupid to understand what they're voting for, or why they're voting the way that they are. The last thing this country needs is more idiots in the voting pool.

  • 16 year olds are not responsible for their thoughts or actions nor are they contributing citizens

    The question whether the 16 year olds should be allowed to vote in elections raises another question and that is if adolescence have all the privileges of adults what do they have to look forward to that signifies that they are no longer considered adolescences but are adults with adult responsibilities. No matter how liberal and progressive the American citizens have become they can't deny that the young are not held responsible for their thoughts or their actions like adults are because society realizes that there is a difference in the way that adolescences view the world and how an adult views it.
    Age and responsibility for ones opinions comes with adulthood, Adolescences who are not responsible for providing for a family or themselves are immune from having to answer for decisions they made and shouldn't be given the privilege of making decisions for whose who are held accountable.

  • Not yet responsible enough

    If we can just go ahead and sidestep the whole issue of whether or not people are emotionally mature enough to be trusted with their decisions at age 16, there is still the issue that they are not dependent adults. Lowering the voting age would bring in a whole demographic of voters who are mostly unemployed, do not pay taxes, do not need to worry about healthcare, and cannot serve in the military.

  • They do not have the maturity

    16 year olds can sometimes be silly. For example, if the voting topic is, "Should the minimum drinking age be reduced to 16". Some teenagers, especially male teenagers (not to be sexist), will vote for yes as they will want to drink. If they did have the maturity, then they would decide if they and the other teenagers should drink and how it would affect the community and the families.

  • Not Yet Mature Enough

    There are very few 16 year-olds with the the intellectual maturity to responsibly cast a vote, and none with the emotional maturity. A high school junior is going to do that which is popular, as opposed to older folks who are more likely to vote with conscious and less likely to vote with an eye to virtue signalling. Eighteen year-olds are much like this, but they only cast really one immature vote, as opposed to more.

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