• It Is Unfair To Say All Kids Are Politically Unintelligent

    It violates the Constitution when saying kids have no right to vote. While many kids are ignorant, many of them are smarter than you are. I bet only a little bit of you could tell us the Bill of Rights amendments without using the internet or text book. While kids are learning this, they become less ignorant than most of you. It's pathetic we call ourselves Americans when we don't even know about our government. I could talk your ear off about politics and policies in America.

  • Yes It Should

    I believe we should lower the voting age to 16 within the United States. To me this is a better time to allow students to vote since they are often more aware of what is going on due to their schooling. I believe this age group is just as capable of making a proper decision and we can also show teens how to register in public school.

  • The Pied Piper of Hamelin

    Everyone knows that guy, If not, Ask Wikipedia.
    Politicans of the green and left parties are like that rat catcher. Their attempt to lower the voting age has nothing to do with freedom or the right to vote, It is simply the fact, That young people in puberty tend to be little rebels and get easily enthusiastic about new ideas and changing the world.
    Politicians use every trick to get the vote, They have no conscience.
    Therefore the voting age should be raised to 25 years.

  • No Hell No

    Recently a Hillary supporter and college student was interviewed and asked "who is Judge Judy"?
    "A supreme court judge" right? So much for brains and college.
    Too many of the voters can barely spell their name or speak English.
    We have enough problems why ask for more? ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!

  • No I personally don't think lowering the voting age would be a very wise idea.

    On the contrary, I would propose that we raise the voting age. I think we should bring the age up to oh say 20 or 21. Let me explain why. First, it seems that many of the younger voters have little to no idea what politics is about and are making irrational decisions based on their personal feelings rather than cold hard facts. Second, if you can't drink until your 21 then why should we allow younger adults the right to vote for national leaders and fight in wars while there only 18? In conclusion I propose that we raise all the ages for drinking, fighting, and voting to 20. Thank you and God bless.

  • Not By A Long Shot

    I'm a fifteen year old, and I want to be a politician one day. I'd still say no, based on the fact that so many people don't know what they're talking about and haven't formed their own opinions yet, so they largely repeat either their parents' talking points, their teachers' talking points, or the media's talking points. In my opinion, most teenager would need a few extra years of experience, at least until they hit eighteen, myself included.

  • That would be a huge mistake.

    There is no logical reason to lower the voting age in the United States. Voting is a right and privilege of a fully vested citizen -- in other words, an adult. One becomes an adult at 18, and one may vote at that time. Children simply are not intelligent enough to cast votes that affect the general public.

  • No it shouldn't.

    I do not think that the voting age in the United States should be lowered. I feel that people under 18 do not yet know enough about politics to make a good decision. I also feel that they are more likely to pick a candidate based on how they look.

  • No, the voting age in the United States should stay 18.

    No, 18 should still be the voting age in the United States. That is the age at which one attains legal status as an adult and is eligible for induction into the military. Those two milestones make it appropriate that people gain the right to vote. Younger people lack the proper perspective to vote wisely.

  • I have heard, and seen in appropriate manners from young people.

    No, it is not a good idea because the aspect of maturity comes in between. I always watch TV and I see a lot of inappropriate activities from very younger generations. Activities which are relevant to their immature thoughts.
    Some one who wants to vote should know a lot about politics, economics, ideas, and prediction based on nominees activities, if a young 15 years old man is escaping from school or is just thinking about having fun, going to parties and have a happy life; won't be appropriate for voting, which is an important decision.

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