Should The Washington Post go ahead and post the pictures of Bruce Jenner in a dress?

  • Why Not Post Bruce Jenner in a Dress

    Although it shouldn't be a headline on the front page, the Washington Post should go ahead and post the photo of Bruce Jenner in a dress in the celebrity section. After all, it's news in a way, and that's thte sort of thing that sells papers, so why shouldn't they?

  • News is News and that is what The Washington Post should do

    I often hear people complain that newspapers are reporting non-news that shouldn't be in prestigious papers like The Washington Post. The truth is, even if we refuse to except it, some people want that news. For the newspaper they are trying to sell the paper and if that helps and it is news, why not.

  • The Washington Post should post photos of Jenner in a dress.

    As a matter of public interest the Washington Post should post go ahead and publish photos of Bruce Jenner in a dress. There is no valid reason not to publish the photos. While some people may find the photos offensive they have the option not to view them. There are part of a valid news story and should not be censored.

  • Who cares, really

    Why would it be in the news anyways. I have better things to do than read about Bruce Jenner wearing a dress. People already know he's transgender. There are plenty other people that are transgender too. I don't think a transgender person wearing a dress is even remotely news worthy

  • Privacy being invaded

    Everyone deserves the freedom of privacy as long as they are not hurting anyone or breaking laws. He was in the privacy of his own home which means that should be respected. If he chose to go out in public doing this, than that is fair game and open for the media to expose.

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