• the world has always been like this

    I believe that the world is filled of opportunity and many people who have power are naturally have the weak serve them. In this world and country it has always been like this, pressuring people and destroying their companies and intimidating them. This is not brute strength but real power

  • No, that practice is too shortsighted.

    Everyone has strength in different areas. Anyone who is weaker than you in one area is also stronger than you in another area, so it is impossible to define who is "stronger" overall. Our world is too complicated for such absolutes. The important thing is to cooperate with each other, not serve each other.

  • No, but it depends

    I do not believe that the weak should be required to serve the strong. However, if you cannot do anything else and it will keep you alive by providing you with income, then they should go ahead and serve someone who is willing to pay them. It is not like they are being forced to do so.

  • The week should never be treated as a lesser person!

    That is so subservient. It is degrading to tell someone that just because they are not as strong, they need to bow down to stronger people. It would be like telling your grandmother to shine your shoes because she isnt good enough for anything else. Unless you are a waitress or waiter, you should never "serve" anyone.

  • No the weak should not serve the strong

    I do not think that the weak should be serving the strong, and that it should be the other way around in that the strong should be serving the weak. If someone is weak then there is much room for improvement, and that is a point in which the strong should step in and help.

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