• Rich do not create jobs

    Demand creates jobs.

    Currently in our society, the wealthy are making historically high profits. If they have so much money, and they are the ones creating jobs, then, by default, shouldn't we also have record high job creation?

    Tax the rich more, lots more, OR increase the minimum wage to keep up with the ever increasing cost of living.

  • The economy is a zero sum game.

    Money has finite supply in any economy. There may be an infinite amount of things you can assign value to, but money supply itself is finite. Thus when a small percentage of people are allowed to hoard all the financial resources it causes poverty rates to rise. Government can in part counteract this by raising taxes, which doesn't solve the entire problem of severe wealth inequality, but does in part act as a counterbalance.

  • It's about fairness

    It's not fair, for instance, for a person who makes 50,000$/year to pay the same percentage than a person who makes 1,000,000$/year.
    Societies should help the poorest by asking the wealthiest to pay a little more. It's about fairness, in my opinion.
    And, by the way, when the wealthiest pay their fair share, the economy thanks.

  • Flat taxes should be put into use.

    Yes the rich make more than us making their ratio of money earned much higher than that of the middle class, we are a government of capitalism but this issue won't be fixed because of economical greed. I don't won't to treat the rich as if they were different. I want to treat them as if we are the same and that's why they should be taxed the same amount we do. Many entrepreneurs that have been interviewed by Bill Maher, CNN and FOX even say that it would not affect them and their business at all, they even agreed its greed that makes the 1% making excuses. With jobs on large corporations we aren't dealing with middle class jobs, we are dealing with working class members that get paid as low as minimum wage. Areas in this class can always be fixed because business is always growing or being created thus making jobs. By also increasing the tax on the wealthy the public sector 'should' be increasing not just creating more jobs but increasing the use the over all life style of the workers.

  • It stands to reason

    The only way to support our economy is to make sure everyone is effectively making a donation proportionate to their wealth into the pot. If those at the top of the earnings lists refuse to put the added funds in, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
    As someone who has done well out of the laws of the economy in it's present state, you have a duty to give something back in a moral sense.

  • I think they should

    I think they should be taxed more because they have more and if they are not generous enough to give some money to a good cause then the should at lest have to have some money taken away by the government. Man ii wish i was rich. Id give money to all charities.

  • They should pay more in taxes for various reasons

    Wealthy people have companies and they often build their factories in poor areas and we have to deal with their mess. A good example of this is the oil refinery in Richmond California just across the Bay from San Francisco. These low income people have to inhale toxic chemicals and its worst when a problem arises in the refinery and everybody has to be on lock down of flee their homes. People end up getting illnesses from this and the increases taxes should help pay for the extra medical cost for these people who get ill from their factories. People should not suffer for the benefit one ones income.

    Wealthy people in general have more money so they can afford slightly higher taxes than the poor. Wealthy people don't need to join the military, most are people who are overseas dying for their freedom so they can live like a rich greedy pig.

  • Yes they should be taxed more.

    The wealthy and rich should be taxed more as they have more money to support the needs of the state they live in. If the taxes were raised the deficit would decrease faster and America would be closer to being debt free, returning prices to an all time low and allowing those in poverty to try to achieve wealth.

  • It'll help the ones who need some help

    Yes the wealthy and rich should be taxed more because the money they give can go to someone who less fortuned then them even can help kids who wants to go to college after highschool meaning that could pay for two to five kids way to college. The money from taxing the wealthy and rich could help people who are homeless and really don't wanna be so I really do think that they should be taxed more even though they worked hard for their money they can give to those who are not like them to help people reach that point.

  • Mo money mo problems

    Yes, I understand the rich worked hard for their money.. But what makes you think that the middle and lower classes don't work hard for our money too? In most cases we have to work harder than anyone else, because unlike the rich we don't have an abundance of cash laying around. If we taxed the wealthy just a little more, taxes would balance and even out.

  • Because cause they make more money than us?

    I think that it is unfair that the rich should be taxed more than any other avaergae citizen because what makes them so inderfernet from us? Just because they make more money does not mean we should single them out. How is that fair on them. Just because they make more money than us doesnt mean they should be treated differntly

  • Does not help the economy

    Question to all in favor of raising taxes on the rich: How will doing so generate jobs?

    The answer is it doesnt, it kills jobs, but the real reason no one will answer is "who needs a job when you can have other people's money"? As far as redistributing goes, people need jobs, and giving them money from other people is neither fair nor a solution.

    As for the Government use of the wealthy's money for other causes, such as infrastructure, corporation and the extremely rich do a much better job then any Government branch, as they are spending their own money, and trying to do it well enough to make a profit. You need bridges? Hamilton Construction can do that, as long as you don't tax them out of business. Even investment, which is selfish at heart, is very useful, and it helps to build business and create jobs, all of which the Government fails miserably at.

    Indeed, the rich do more for the country, both in ways of relieving poverty and creating prosperity, then the Government can possibly dream of.

  • We rely on business more than we rely on government services.

    If we are going to tax the wealthiest more, we should ask what we want the government to use the money for? Would you rather have a better opportunity to find a job, or have more welfare and unemployment benefits? What has enabled the people of this country to become prosperous is not government services, it's opportunity. Taking more wealth from "the rich" will increase the prices of products and services, increase unemployment, decrease employee salaries, and decrease charitable donations. To grow prosperity, we need to allow businesses to grow and invest. In effect, the tax base will grow and government will bring in more revenue in the long run.

  • Explain "more" as in "should be taxed MORE"

    For those that advocate taxiing the rich "more" tell me, how much "more" is enough?
    Try this: Let's say "more" is "all" of their money. How we looking now? What's that? We still have a problem? Taking ALL of their money didn't fix the problems? What?!?!!?!
    Unless you advocate taking it all you are doing nothing more than advocating enslaving (economically) those that have the ability to produce and at the same time having a perpetual scapegoat to cry about.

  • No, not really

    I believe in the fair tax as it should depend on what you buy. If the rich person buys more then yes they will end up paying ore. It's the rich people that do the hiring and while I don't buy trickle down economics, i don't believe in progressive taxation either. Besides, why should someone be punished for being successful.

  • You are insane if you believe yes

    Why make the people who worked hard for their money pay higher taxes. In fact taxes should be a flat rate. If you believe in taxing the rich than why dont you pay almost half of everything you make to the goventment. If you tax the rich, the rich get poorer and the poor get poorer because the RICH WONT HAVE MONEY TO HIRE PEOPLE.

  • Well, lets think about this...

    Taxing the Rich more....Okay, what is to be done with the money? Giving it directly to the poor? Won't work, it will create an incentive NOT to work. Okay, so let's invest in public goods; Education, Infrastructure, Health care etc. Hold on, we already do. The people stereotyping and scrutinising the rich for being rich are mostly driven by envy- everybody works hard at some point in their life. The government has set up a great educational system which gives EVERYONE the opportunity to succeed and put themselves on a platform for life for which they can succeed in life. Check the academic history of these "rich lazy fat pigs" and you'll see that the majority excelled; in most cases it doesn't come easy. And where did the funding for this equal opportunity Educational system come from? FROM TAXING THE RICH INITIALLY. By no means am i saying the system is perfect, but it works to an extent; it gives everyone at least a chance to do as best as they can; so will increasing taxation at the top end really change the situation? It's widely believed that a netter education= better job. If more people succeeded in school, then perhaps inequality would not be as prevailent, and so this topic wouldn't be as big. Just a thought.

  • It's Not fair

    Taxing the rich more would bring their balance down to the level where the middle class and the lower class are at. A lot of times, rich people are sued by people of lower classes than them just because they're more successful. Lets say I am a pharmacist, and (these wages might not be right) I make about $150 an hour. I live in a 3-story house, and I can pay all of my bills and taxes gingerly I have a nice car, good amount of food, and periodically I donate money to charity. Am I considered successful or greedy. Successful of course! If I were greedy, I wouldn't be willing to donate any of my money. There's a difference between being poor, and having a nice house but refusing to work. 48% of Americans do that. They sit at home demanding money and refusing to work. Now that is unfair. About 70% of all taxes are being paid by the rich. And about 20% don't even pay taxes! That's why the wealthy shouldn't be taxed more.

  • It is not fair

    Fairness should apply to the rich just like it applies too the middle class, and the poor. So if we are going to tax the rich more then we should tax the middle class more as well, and vise versa. So this is why we all should stop this argument.

  • No. The poor should.

    How is punishing success and envy an effective way to base a tax code on? We should base our tax system on something that will grow our economy, not on some silly system that is intended to "get back at the rich". The wealthy people in this country pay enough taxes. Its time the rest of America start doing the same.

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