Should the West continue to put pressure on the Russian economy through further sanctions?

  • How Judges look at court cases

    A Judge in a legal case will not only look at the body of evidence, but also how the ruling of his case will effect future cases that are similar through legal precedence.
    The single greatest concern about Russia's "activities" in Ukraine is setting a precedent for imperialism in Europe (It doesn't usually end well i.e. Germany invading Poland). Now no one wants to actually send military troops to Ukraine's aid because
    1: it is a very unpopular idea with most populations in the countries that would.
    2: Because Russia is still denying they are involved, a country openly entering the conflict zone would give Russia an excuse to pull the curtain back and openly "protect Russian speaking people" while saying said country forced Russia to step in. Everyone is treading carefully because It is the blame game right now.
    So this leaves one option, sanctions.

  • If their so poor why are they in space

    If the u.s. puts strong sanctions on Russia they shouldn't have money for space (activity).They put pressure on the u.s. for a space race which is not good for freedom.Nor would the u.s. be culoding with them in space.Russia as a communist country should be barred from space to prevent economic espionage...As far as their citizens go their communist to.They could leave or change their gov.

  • The West Should Continue Economic Sanctions

    Western nations, including the United States, need to continue to pursue and enforce economic sanctions against Russia. Russia continues to extend it's footprint into neighboring countries and ignore requests to cease. Economic sanctions will weaken the Russian government, and if the sanctions proove to be ineffective, stronger measures should be taken.

  • No, I don't think that further sanctions should be imposed on Russia.

    The Russian ruble has already dropped to its lowest ever value against dollar and the Russian government claims to not have any troops remaining in Ukraine, therefore I believe it is unjust to continue to cripple their economy and let Russian population suffer at the hands of inflation. Therefore, I believe the Western nations particularly European Union should not let the Russian people suffer by targeting their economy.

  • No, the country must handle their own resources and economic problems

    Putting pressure on Russia by forcing economic sanctions forces its people into poverty and economic instability. Cost of basic goods and services will skyrocket because of demand against fewer supplies if the West continue to impose economic sanctions on the country. This in turn will force people to commit crime, such as robbery and stealing, to afford basic goods and services.

  • The US has no place meddling in foreign economic affairs.

    It is not the west's job to monitor Russia's banking. Although the climate in Russia is currently a bit rough, we must let nations figure out their own problems. We fear Russia is becoming too strong and that is why we want to sanction them - we are afraid of losing power.

  • We Shouldn't Pressure Common People

    Russia's citizens are on the verge of an economic crisis because of sanctions. They may be just people on the other side of the ocean, but they are still people.
    What's the big deal with Ukraine? Didn't America annex Texas too? Did other countries oppress us for that as well?
    Treat others the way you want to be treated.

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The_Immortal_Emris says2014-09-02T18:58:15.960
Look at all the Russian bots. None of them have the balls to post without it being anonymous. Stand behind your words, cowards.