Should the West help the middle east? (Give food, build schools, help them establish a stable government, train their army, etc)

  • Yes, the West

    Robbed the rest of the world, put them in chains, starved them, and then abandoned them like a crippled dog. The West doesn't have the gut or desire to help the rest of the world, but it has the LEGAL OBLIGATION AND MORAL BURDEN.

    Unfortunately, no one will trust the West ever again. The corrupt, selfish, and indifferent government and populous doesn't care. You are the winners in this world. And you will hold on to it as long as possible. The so called "help" are nothing but dirty bandages that aide temporily but will only cause more instability. There will be a bloody revolution, a truly bloody one, in a true World War, and the World will fall.

  • Should the US and Europe help places in northern Africa and other parts of the Middle East in turmoil with supplies, building roads, schools, training?

    It's hard for me to decide, although helping them become more modernized and successful would be an alright concept for their future in the world instead of being a war-ridden stereotypical hellhole it currently is, into something similar to Abu Dhabi (likely not super rich, but still modernized), or should the West just ignore them and let them basically tear themselves apart?
    All arguments welcome, this is my first post, no hatred or ignorance please.

  • Why should the west help a country who despises the US, our culture, our freedoms and expressions?

    Would you help a country who would rather see you and your family completely decimated because you don't believe in the same things they do. Why support another country that has thrived in the oppressive society that enjoys killing off one another; save the funds and let them do what they keep on doing, it will eventually fix itself without any additional funding by our country to perpetuate the inevitable.

  • Of course not

    The middle east has always been and will always be at war. There is no hope for them. The only reason we have helped them while we have is because of oil interests. If we give them a stable governmnet, they will just become corrupt again. What about when the USA starts drilling for its own oil or establishes a source of alternative energy? What will the Middle East do then? They have no source of revenue, they cannot grow their own food effectively, they have no industry that they can effectively establish. The countries will become agressive and start to conquer other places. Do not forget about the islamic extremists either. If we educate the girls, they will blow the schools up.

  • We have more important problems

    We helped Osama Bin Laden by training his troops to try and establish peace, later that came back to bite us in the butt. My opinion is that America should deal with more immediate problems (like the lack of available jobs here in the United States of America) before trying to fix other peoples problems.

  • We should clean our house before cleaning other peoples' houses.

    For now, let's take the time to face the fact that the economy hasn't healed at all. Wall street might've improved a little bit, but main street is still suffering. Unemployment and housing costs are out of control, so I think we need to fix up ourselves first. Plus, I don't think we have any business dealing with their issues. Each country should help itself the way it should, just like with states. The governments there know their people, we don't. So let's keep our hands off of all these other places and fix our own economy.

  • Fighting a losing battle

    Helping people is what the west likes to do, whether they want it or not. However many places are not better off after we have helped them. 2 examples vietnam and when reagan supported afghanistan to fight the soviets who later turned on us at 9/11. In an ideal world we would and should help more countries like the middle east. Until we get our current problems cleaned up like national debt, energy demands, unemployment, crime, corruption at all levels, homelessness, education lag, feed the hungry I don't think we should or can afford to help many of the places that need help. The war in Iraq or the persian gulf war have not helped the people. We already support Israel far too much who as we know is not entirely stable. We have enough problems here at home without creating new ones. The war's in the middle east have literally cost trillions of dollars that we don't have. We won't be able to help anyone if the dollar collapses or our debtors call in. All in all we are fighting a losing battle and there's no reason to get drawn into more wars Ex:(syria) Currently we pay 400 billion just to pay off the debts from W. Bush wars we cant afford to spend more the price is just too high.

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