• The West should provide arms to the Syrian rebels.

    It is clear that the rebels in Syria need help from the West. The Assad government is receiving arms and money from Russia, and the rebels will not be able to survive without more resources. Assad is generally recognized as a war criminal, and it is time that he is removed from power.

  • The West should not arm the Syrian Rebels.

    No, the West should not directly provide arms to the Syrian rebels. That could lead us to a similar situation as the one we are witnessing in Afghanistan. There are other, safer alternative options the West should consider in providing support to the Syrian Rebels, such as a no-fly zone, and other defensive methods.

  • No, I do not believe the west should arm the Syrian rebels.

    I think that the war in Syria is another issue where the west needs to step out of and just let the people of the nation settle with. It is a dangerous idea to arm individuals who later on might turn out to be enemies of the west. I think that there are no positives to this issue.

  • We'd be arming our future enemy.

    No, the West should not provide arms to the Syrian rebels, because it would be like the 1970s, when we gave aid to Afghanistan, who is now our current enemy. Syria is an impossible situation. Whichever side wins, they are not going to be a friend to the United States or the West for long. We should keep our distance.

  • Not at all

    No, they need to let what happens over there go ahead and happen, and try not to jump in and mess their whole balance of power up. Soon the trouble over their will get fixed, and one side will be in charge of the other, the way that it should be.

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