Should the Westboro Baptist Church be recognized as a hate group?

  • I think everyone agrees

    that is all they really are. They use the word Baptist and church to hide the fact that they are in no way followers of god and all they do say and do hateful things to people. And for those of you who dont know they are mostly a group of lawyers who are doing this to inspire hate so that people will hurt them and they can get those peoples money.

  • Do they hate, and is it one of their primary functions?

    The FBI uses the following things to determine of a group is a hate group:
    1) Advocates and practices hatred, hostility, and violence against a specific group.
    2) This hatred is a primary purpose of that group.
    Perhaps the WBC has other purposes besides the spreading of their hate, but publicly, such purposes are not seen or widely practiced. As such, I feel they fit the definition.

  • Hate in the name of religion is hate

    The church is a hate group. While it does not focus on any particular target, it causes harm to various groups of people. In fact, it targets more populations that are vulnerable, therefore it is probably a more serious hate group than a group that targets only one opponent.

    The church attempts to inflict the most pain possible on people who are grieving the most. Being a religious organization is no excuse for that, and no excuse for acts of terrorism.

  • Yes, the Westboro Baptist church should be recognized as a hate group.

    The sole mission of that "church" is to spread hate and dissent. Their beliefs are vile an dangerous, and they should be classified as a hate group as soon as possible. Any "church" that would tell the grieving parents of a dead 6 year old that their child's death is their own fault is a member of a hate group.

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